How to generate ATM PIN

Debit cards are a great convenience to have on hand. You only need to swipe that tiny piece of plastic and input the 4 digit PIN to purchase whatever you could possibly desire. However, if you ever lose your PIN, things might get a bit complicated and irritating. That is perhaps the worst nightmare of them all. Imagine not being able to purchase anything you desire just because you forgot the magical pass.

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We’ve got you covered, though. I’ll educate you on how to create your PIN in our post for today. It might sound a little complex, but trust me, it takes a lot of expertise and patience to do. The two methods—the ATM approach and the Green PIN method—will be discussed. So let’s get started.


Approach 1


If the card is new, it must have come with a temporary password in the packaging. You must go to the ATM at the closest bank.


1.First, insert your card and the given numbers.

2. You will be given the choice of creating a new PIN or resetting your PIN. Just click it.

3.  As you continue, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.

4. Enter any other information requested on the ATM screen.

5. Create your own special PIN at this point.

6. You would be prompted to confirm and re-enter the PIN.


Approach 2


Today’s banks are taking somewhat of a unique approach with this. You will get temporary digits on your registered cellphone number, much as the prior approach.


  • Put your card and the given numbers in first.
  • You will be given the option to reset your PIN or create a new one. Simply click it.
  • An OTP will be provided to your registered cellphone number as you go.
  • Fill in any further data prompted on the ATM screen.
  • Create your own special PIN at this point.
  • You would be prompted to confirm and re-enter the PIN.


And now you are all set to make that future transaction with super ease. 

Parting Words


You must keep in mind that a PIN is a significant piece of information and should not be shared or written down anywhere or with anybody. After getting your new ATM card, it is highly advised that you generate your PIN as soon as possible. This is done to guarantee that your money is secure at the bank. You can’t possibly want them to leave, can you?