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How to get a job in fashion marketing and merchandising industry

Regardless of whether you’ve needed to in the fashion industry since you initially found fabrics or fashion purchasing is an energy that is developed gradually after some time, there are such a significant number of ways you can apply your individual abilities and gifts to the quick-paced and ever-changing universe of fashion. 

What numerous people don’t understand about a career in the fashion industry is exactly what number of various alternatives are accessible to them. You may be picking and estimating fabrics. You may be dissecting a year ago’s patterns so as to foresee this current season’s key looks. Or on the other hand, you may have your finger on the beat of the most recent news, and wish to seek after studying a fashion marketing and merchandising course.

Jobs in the fashion and lifestyle verticals are of all colours. From job roles in Merchandising, Marketing, Branding, Product Development, Sourcing, Buying, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Range Planning, there is a lot to be explored. As a standard practice to be eligible for the industry, marketing and merchandising courses top the list. The growth of the industry and its value in life has increased so drastically in the last few years is another indication of the job growth in the industry. Many brands, both national and international are consistently expanding their ranges and functions also results in job creation.

The curriculum of courses to learn fashion marketing and merchandising in any reputed institute like Pearl Academy, are expanse with both theoretical and experimental nature of trades. In your first year of a course studying basics and background of fashion, research and business, which helps you create an image of the current business environment and how functions and processes are used to generate new ideas and business value along with it. In your subsequent year, you will begin taking subjects which are centred around strategic thinking, execution in verticals and project management. You will profit by hands-on understanding through industry-pertinent projects as you figure out how to fabricate, purchase, advance and move fashion into the world. You will work regularly close by students of Fashion Design, sharing the campus and a few classes. All this is accompanied by projects, internships and exchange programmes to keep the learning more real-world experience of practices learned and be playful with the knowledge, than just in books.

A course like this not only makes you ready to enter the industry but also helps the student understand the nature of all trades in the industry, helping them perform better any most roles they will choose to take up.



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