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how to get a second phone number without sim
Thus, sharing secondary or temporary phone numbers with unknown individuals or new contacts is a good way to protect your privacy.

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Phone number applications are programs that allow you to send messages, use Wi-Fi, and make phone calls. Other useful features included in these programs include call recording, relocating, and changing the greeting. Many of these tools may be used to send an unlimited number of SMS and MMS.

Here are the top 3 applications that will provide your 2nd phone number without Sim-

1. Hushed

Hushed is a phone number app that allows you to call, share photos, and communicate. This program makes it very easy for you to preserve your original phone number. It may naturally respond to any instant messages sent from the number.

  • It allows you to add and manage multiple numbers.
  • You may unquestionably get to your number by employing a WiFi/internet connection.
  • It aids you in keeping your conversation private and safe.
  • You can record and edit phone messages.
  • Allows you to forward a call.
  • You may use this software in conjunction with DropBox or Slack.
  • Numbers: As many as you want
  • Android and iOS stages
  • Limitless free trial
2. Phone

The phone is an application that supports you in quickly and easily configuring your phone foundation. It allows you to obstruct calls by adding the number to your Phone account. This device supports call blocking, sending, and screening. Phone.com allows you to dial any number by name or phrase. When you hold on, it starts playing music.

  • Phone.com may be set up right away.
  • It allows you to create your schedules.
  • When you get approaching calls, you will receive a warning.
  • This program allows you to route calls based on the time and day they are received.
  • You may edit your address book using the Phone app.
  • It allows you to personalize your call with good news, messages, voices, and music.
  • You may send and receive SMS on any phone in your community.
  • Phone.com can help you plan and organize your gatherings and expansions.
  • You may create your unique visitor ID.
  • Numbers: a variety of numbers
  • Android and iOS stages
  • Three days of a free trial
3. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a phone number application that provides a communication response for private businesses. It provides a single professional phone number that can be used on any current cell phone or landline. This program allows you to easily migrate your virtual phone number. It allows you to accept many calls at the same time by simply switching to another phone or coworker.

  • It provides a comprehensive view of your company contacts across several channels.
  • You can make and receive choices using a desktop or mobile application.
  • This device converts audio messages totally to text messages, allowing you to read without tuning in.
  • It enables you to record professional messages that invite your customers.
  • You can respond through text by telling us your workplace phone number.
  • It enables you to send a fax as a PDF attachment from your email.
  • Numbers: 1
  • Desktop, iOS, and Android are all on the table.
  • 7-day free trial



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