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How to Get All Schematics for Merchant Trophy in Dead Space
A guide on Getting All The Schematics for Merchant Trophy in Dead Space

Dead Space Remake is a popular action-horror game that has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. It takes place on a space station where the players must survive deadly Necromorphs and other hostile creatures.The game is known for its challenging gameplay and the need to constantly upgrade the weapons and equipment to stay alive. The Schematics play a crucial role in the game as they provide the necessary blueprints to upgrade the weapons and equipment.

Credits – EA

The game contains a total of 13 schematics, which are dispersed over its 10 chapters. Chapter 2: Intensive Care contains the first Schematic, and Chapter 10: End of Days contains the last Schematic. If a player is missing any Schematic, they can be acquired in Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions before the Point of No Return. One Schematic, however, is missable and is only accessible during Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival.

Let’s take a look each Schematic and where it appears in the game:

  1. Pulse Rounds Schematic: This schematic for pulse rounds is included in Chapter 2: Intensive Care. Players will land in a zero-gravity area and float down an elevator shaft after finding the Hydrazine Tank and looking for a Shock Pad. The Schematic is situated on the left side of a workbench in the Coolant Pipelines.

  2. Stasis Pack Schematic: Schematic for the stasis pack can also be found in Chapter 2: Intensive Care. Players must search for a Workbench in the Lab Changing Room of the Main Labs. The Schematic is adjacent to several lockers on a nearby seat.

  3. Medium Med Pack Schematic: The centrifuge must be reached in Chapter 3 Course Correction, Players will come across a damaged open locker with the schematic as they exit the decontamination chamber.

  4. Ripper Blades Schematic: In Chapter 3, after refueling both engines and reactivating the centrifuge, players need to make their way to the Engine Room through the Fuel Storage. The Schematic is located in the storage room across from the first small elevator.

  5. Flamethrower Fuel Schematic: In Chapter 3, the player must interact with the Engine Control Terminal after entering the Engine Room. Next to this terminal, there is a chair where the Schematic is seated.

  6. Intermediate Engineer RIG Suit Schematic: The Intermediate Engineer RIG is the Level 3 upgrade in this first schematic for the RIG Suit. This Schematic can be found in Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent. On the right side of the corridor heading towards the airlock in the EVA Prep Room is where you may find the Schematic.

  7. Line Racks Schematic: After receiving Security Clearance Level 2 from Hammond in Chapter 4, players can enter Dr. B. Warwick’s office in Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion. On the office desk is where you can find the Schematic.

  8. Force Energy Schematic: In Chapter 6: To find the seventh Wheezer in Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard, players must go through the main quest. The Schematic is embedded in some Necromorph tissue and is found in an Air Filtration Tower.

  9. Contact Energy Schematic: To find a closed door in Chapter 7: Into the Void, players must travel to Deck B: Processing. They need to fire through a cracked window and take out the purple lock in order to unlock the door. Directly in front of the entryway, on a tiny table, is where you’ll find the Schematic.

  10. Intermediate Miner RIG Suit Schematic: Chapter 7 of the game has this Schematic. You can access the Equipment Workshop once you have protected Nicole from Necromorphs while she is using a computer. The SOS Beacon for the main mission is located in this area, while the Schematic for the Intermediate Miner RIG Suit is located to the left of the key item. The Standard RIG Suit has been modified to provide better mining capabilities and increased damage resistance.

  11. Oxygen Tank Schematic: You must pick up the RIG from Mining Supervisor Dallas in order to achieve Security Level 3 in order to get this Schematic. You will thereafter be able to enter previously locked rooms. With the proper security clearance, one of these rooms—a lockable storage space in Engineering—can now be accessed. Once inside, a table with the Oxygen Tank Schematic is to be found. You can purchase oxygen tanks from the store using this Schematic, which will enhance your air supply and let you to stay underwater for longer periods of time.

  12. Large Med Pack Schematic: This Schematic is only available during Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival and is missable. Go to the Infirmary as soon as you get on the USM Valor. Right before you enter the chamber, you will see a soldier holding his severed leg, at which point you will know you are in the correct location. Directly to the left of the entry, on a desk, lies the Schematic for the Large Med Pack. After obtaining the Schematic, you can purchase Large Med Packs from the store, which will significantly raise your maximum health.

  13. Advanced Engineering RIG Suit Schematic: This is the last Schematic in the game and the only RIG Suit upgrade you can get after completing the first level. Make your way to the Crew Deck and the showers by the Z-Ball court in Chapter 10: End of Days. The last Schematic is perched on a bench next to the cafeteria’s entrance. With the strongest damage resistance and most sophisticated engineering capabilities, this suit is the most advanced RIG Suit in the game.

    The Merchant Trophy will become available as soon as you get the last Schematic, and every item in the shop will then be available for purchase. You will be able to buy things, improve your RIG Suit to the highest level, and upgrade your weapons. As you combat the Necromorphs on the USG Ishimura, this will significantly increase your odds of surviving.