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How to get Dark Mode on Instagram

The most awaited dark mode has just arrived on Instagram and users are just so excited to use it. Where are all the darkness lovers who have been waiting for this update for years? This is going to be a good news for all the people who love dark. Dark mode looks more attractive than the boring white screen. Not only that, it reduces stress and puts less pressure on your eyes while you are scrolling your favorite photos or videos on Instagram.

Apart from that, it can be a battery saver. It is known that a white or brighter screen consumes more battery than the dark mode. When users enable the dark mode, the white screen is generally replaced with black and it also includes some shades of grey. Putting all these benefits asides, the Instagram’s dark mode looks so beautiful that users actually enjoy scrolling their screens. However, in order to enable the dark mode, you have to make sure you are using the latest version of the operating system which for android is 10, and for apple it is iOS 13.

What is better than a dark mode at night when you are in the mood for scrolling new posts under your blanket? I bet nothing. The white mode could be stressful for the eyes. With the new dark mode, it is finally the time to give your eyes some rest. Also, it will also save your battery to last longer than usual.

As per ACTIVEIG (Instagram followers tool), in order to benefit from this latest feature, you need to upgrade your phone’s operating system. Because unless you do that, you won’t be able to switch to the dark mode. No matter if you are an android user or an apple user, you have to update your operating system. The questions a lot of users raise is how to enable the dark mode. A lot of users keep looking for it in the Instagram’s setting. But you cannot turn it on from Instagram. You have to enable it from your mobile phones settings.

How to enable Dark Mode on Apple

In order to enable the dark mode on Apple, you have to go through following easy steps.

  1. First, you have to ensure whether you have the latest version of iOS or not. If it is, you can move to the next step. If not, you would be required to update to the latest version that is 13.

  2. Go to the App store and install the Instagram’s update.

  3. Wait for it to download. After that open your phones settings. And go to Display and Brightness.

  4. From there you can enable the dark mode on. You can set it according to your own liking.

  5. Go to Instagram and the dark mode would be active.

How to enable Dark Mode on Android

If you are an android user, you have to ensure that you’re using Android 10. If not, the dark mode will not work for you. Turning the dark mode on for Android is just as easy as turning it on for apple. It takes a few minutes to enable the dark mode and there you go, enjoy the darkness forever if you want.

  1. Get the latest version of the android as well as the Instagram.

  2. Go to your phones settings. Click on display. After that, click on Advanced.

  3. You will see the device theme menu. From there, select the dark mode.

  4. Open your Instagram app, and you would see the dark mode enabled.

If you have an upgraded version of the operating system, you should definitely not waste a single minute and switch to the darker mode. It will not affect your account in any way.

Your followers will view your account in their mode of the application so you don’t have to worry about that. You are still going to get the same number of likes under your posts. Nothing changes, but your scrolling experience will definitely get better.

Your eyes will not feel tired after staring at the screen for hours. And what could be better than that? Honestly, nothing. So what are you waiting for people? Enable the dark mode today and enjoy.

Author Bio: Rehan Sardar is an enthusiastic blogger and marketing manager of technoflavours.com. He maintains a keen interest in progress and development in the marketing and business space



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