How to get enhance filter on TikTok

TikTok is an entertainment social media platform where the talented users can show-off their skills to the world. May it be dancing, singing, acting or even simply lip-syncing to your favorite song, tiktok is for all. With a big fat platform for talent and talented, TikTok is home to abundance of filters to make their users look funny, sad, in a fanatsy world or even more glamourous and gorgeous without much effort. One such filter is “Enhance Filter”. The filter can be used for a glorified natural look to make the users look simple yet elegant just a simple touch away.

But the question arises where it can be found? Many users find it difficult to locate this popular filter.

Let’s navigate you through the some easy and quick steps to let you find and make a great use of this epic filter.

The filter is not very difficult to find. All you need to do is to find a video with the use of enhance filter and then click on that little magic wand toggle and let the magic be done. The filter would be loaded and ready to use.

The other way is to go to the effects section in the camera toggle, and manually scroll through the enormous and almost never-ending list of filters to get what you want. However, this not only sounds boring but almost impossible to do.


Next to be able to use the filter, when you go to shoot a video, you should notice the symbol for it on the right side of your Camera tab screen – it’ll be the third one down. If you don’t see it, try upgrading your app; nevertheless, you were most likely not one of the accounts chosen to test the Enhance effect.


But the main and most important issue apart from finding the filter, is many a times people are completely unable to find the filter. The believable and most trending explanations for the situation  are that it might be only available to some of the exclusive TikTok users. Speculations are even saying that one needs a pretty huge number of followers to be able to use this amazing and heavenly filter. However, defying that particular speculation, many users have come up saying that they were easily able to locate and use the filter even with only double-digit followers.