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How To Get Espeon In Pokemon Go

This guide shows how to get Espeon in Pokemon Go. To evolve Eevee to an Espeon, he needs to be added as a Pokemon Buddy for a player, and walk for 10km. Also to evolve an Eevee into one of Umbreon, Pokemon GO players must walk them for 10km as their buddy. After this, they can get Espeon by evolving into an Eevee in the daytime, and Umbreon by doing it in the evening.

How To Get Espeon In Pokemon Go

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You can then evolve Eevee (as a designated partner) during the nighttime to unlock Umbreon, or during the daytime to get Espeon. If a player decides then to evolve an Eevee in the day, Eevee evolves to Espeon, while if the player decides to evolve an Eevee at night, it evolves to Umbreon. With an Eevee still selected as a partner, it must wait until daytime to evolve.

To obtain a certain evolution, you may give your Eevee any one of the following names, and it will evolve to its respective variation, guaranteed. Trainers may grant each of the Eevees evolutions in Pokemon Go once, using the first. By changing the name of an Eevee to a specific nickname, you choose what evolutions of the Eevee you receive. Simply giving Eevee one of the Special Names (see below) by nicknaming it gives Trainers Eeveelutions they select. You will be able to select what form of Eevee evolution you want by giving them the names Sakura (Espeon), Tamao (Umbreon), Pyro (Flareon), Rainer (Vaporeon), or Sparky (Jolteon).

How To Get Espeon In Pokemon GoPlayers who do not yet evolve and may also use the naming cheat on Umbreon, renaming the Eevee to Sakura for Espeon and Tamao for Umbreon. You can still reliably obtain both Espeon and Umbreon once you’ve used the name cheat, walking around with a cute little Eevee as a partner, feeding them at least two Candy before evolving. Since the trick works once for each type of evolution, a second method of evolving an Eevee seems like a worthwhile way to get a second Espeon or Umbreon with some degree of reliability.

It is worth noting that this method only allows for getting every single different evolution of an Eevee a single time. While the method described above is the easiest way to get each individual evolution of Eevee in Pokemon Go, there are actually several alternate methods to obtain certain evolutions. The second method to perform an Eevees evolution to an Espeon in Pokemon GO is by giving a well-known common-type Eevee a special name.



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