Grids on iPhone
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How to get grid on iPhone camera?

Grids on iPhone

People love to click pictures and capture moments in the form of photos and videos to relive them later in life. Especially in today’s day and age where Instagram and social media have taken over the world, people love to post their memories and experience online and share their good times with the world. This is how it is, and this is how it will be!

Now, there are different types of photographers but with smartphone cameras taking a leap in the industry, most people love buying iPhones to try their hands on photography. iPhone and photography, kind of, go hand in hand because, oh my god! the iPhones have the best smartphone cameras across the industry with tough competition from Samsung and Google.

Having said that, if you are still learning to take good pictures or are struggling with basic symmetry while taking mind boggling pictures on your iPhone, you should learn about the rule of thirds to take amazing shots every day. I am sure that you yourself will appreciate this feature that iPhones have to offer.

The feature is called “Grid”

So, to give you a basic idea of the what the Rule of Thirds is, the guideline basically proposes that every picture should be perceived to be divided into nine equal divisions with vertical and horizontal lines running through the frame. It is a compositional element that will allow you to compose your pictures better.

Now, on your beloved expensive iPhones, for some reason this option is Off by default, and you will have to manually go into settings to turn it on. Do you know how to do that?

No? No problem, I will help you better your photography game in a few simple steps.

How to get grid on iPhone camera?

In order to get grid lines on your camera while you take pictures on your iPhone, go to Settings first.

Next, you search for Camera. Click on Camera and you will find an option of “Grid” there, enable Grid and turn the bar to green.

Voila! You have successfully turned-on iPhone camera’s grid lines.

In my opinion, photography is all about composition. If you know how to compose your shots before clicking them, there is no better tool for you than that.

What are your thoughts on “Grid”?

I think that it is a great tool to bring an overall symmetry to your pictures. Instead of editing your pictures 100% after you have taken the shot, grid lines will help you take the original shot better.