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How To Get Legendary Shards in Destiny 2
A guide on Getting Legendary Shards in Destiny 2

Discovering the most effective methods to farm Legendary Shards in Destiny 2 is crucial for players who wish to maintain a healthy supply of this valuable currency. Legendary Shards play a significant role in various game mechanics, particularly when it comes to infusing gear. Therefore, it’s important to explore different strategies to accumulate a substantial number of Legendary Shards efficiently. If you find yourself short on time and eager to maximize your shard collection, consider implementing the following techniques to effectively farm Legendary Shards.

Credits – Steam

While focusing on farming Legendary Shards, it’s also worth mentioning the importance of obtaining Enhancement Cores, especially with the introduction of weapon crafting.

Begin your shard hunting adventure by directing your attention to a place that often goes unnoticed

Cleaning Out The Vault

This often-overlooked storage space usually houses a plethora of items that are no longer required. In the past, players hesitated to dismantle items due to the fear of them becoming crucial for future gameplay. However, with the introduction of sunsetting, certain weapons from previous seasons have become obsolete in endgame content. Consequently, it is now safe to purge your Vault of unnecessary items. Embrace the ruthless approach and delete anything you no longer need. Don’t be afraid to let go of weapons like Midnight Coup, as you can always farm for them again if necessary. If you require guidance on the best weapon rolls, consult our comprehensive weapon god roll recommendations.

Dismantling shaders 

This is another effective tip for players who find themselves burdened with an excess of these cosmetic items. If you have a substantial stockpile of Legendary shaders—roughly around 40 to 50—consider purging them from your inventory. You no longer need to hoard multiple copies of shaders. Pay a visit to Master Rahool in the Tower and dismantle these shaders. By dismantling a stack of thirty shaders, you can acquire a rewarding return of 30 Legendary Shards. In just two minutes, this method alone can yield a significant haul of approximately 185 Legendary Shards. Feel free to dismantle any shaders that don’t appeal to you visually, allowing you to free up space and accumulate additional shards.

Planetary Tokens

Planetary tokens present yet another opportunity to amass Legendary Shards. If you’ve been accumulating tokens from various NPC representatives on different planets, it’s time to put them to good use. While it’s tempting to hoard these tokens for future rewards, consider the urgent need for Legendary Shards. Redeem your tokens with vendors like Failsafe, who can offer you numerous packages in exchange. By turning in 500 tokens to Failsafe, for instance, you will receive 25 packages, which can potentially yield a minimum of 75 Legendary Shards once dismantled. This calculation does not account for the shaders you’ll also acquire in the process. This strategy is especially beneficial for planets that will be removed after the Season of Arrivals. However, keep in mind that with the launch of The Witch Queen, planetary tokens will no longer exist. Instead, focus on accumulating planetary resources, which can be exchanged with vendors for rank-up packages. Dismantling any items received from these packages will grant you additional shards.

Collecting Season pass Rewards

For players who have invested in the season pass, there is a valuable benefit known as the Legendary Shard Dismantle Bonus. This bonus increases the number of Legendary Shards gained when dismantling gear. When dismantling Legendary gear, you will receive four Legendary Shards instead of three, while dismantling Exotic gear will yield six Legendary Shards instead of five. While it’s not advisable to purchase the season pass solely for this reason, it serves as a worthwhile perk for players who have already planned to acquire it. This bonus will ensure a steady influx of Legendary Shards, significantly reducing the risk of running out of them in the future.

Keep a close eye on the Season Pass rewards as well, as they often include generous amounts of Legendary Shards. Both the free and premium tracks offer these rewards, enabling all players to accumulate dozens of shards throughout a season. Strive to reach Rank 100 in the Season Pass, as this milestone will unlock hundreds of shards waiting to be collected.

Taking a look at your Inventory

Take a moment to explore your inventory under the Modifications section, as you may stumble upon Legendary Shards that you didn’t know existed. Any Legendary Transmat Effect can be dismantled for Legendary Shards. This means that you can simply dismantle any transmat effects you dislike, with the assurance that you can reclaim them from the Collections if needed.

Lastly, and perhaps most obviously, the ultimate method to acquire thousands of Legendary Shards is to consistently play Destiny 2. Accumulating a substantial number of Legendary Shards requires investing significant time and wisely managing your resources. Various activities within the game provide opportunities to earn resources that can be traded for Legendary Shards. For instance, turning in 3,000 Gunsmith Materials is one way to access certain resources, but this feat can only be accomplished by actively playing the game and accumulating resources through various means.

By implementing these strategies and dedicating time to play Destiny 2, you can successfully farm and accumulate a substantial number of Legendary Shards. With a healthy supply of this valuable currency, you’ll be well-prepared for any future endeavors and expenditures within the game.