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How to get Pocket fm VIP membership

Pocket FM is a popular audiobook app that daily enriches the lives of millions of audiobook fans. It offers the greatest audiobooks, tales, and podcasts from the top writers, podcasters, and voice-over artists across the world.

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It also allows you to listen to your favourite audiobooks while commuting, driving, working out at the gym, cooking, getting ready for bed, or pretty much anyplace else you choose. It contains all of the best-selling items in various categories.

Listen to your favourite audiobooks with a lively and fun-loving community of audiobook fans. In our player, which is specifically intended for audio material, you can quickly navigate between chapters and go back and forth by 10 seconds. With our built-in sleep timer, you may enjoy a good night’s sleep while listening to your favourite audiobook. The option to download and listen offline as well.

This is an Indian radio app featuring Hindi as the primary language and the greatest voiceover talents from RJ and India. Users may pick from a variety of categories on the app, allowing them to customise their experience according to their interests. Pocket FM also features a large selection of Indian literature, including the most recent and best-selling titles. You don’t have to go to the library or the bookshop to listen to the free music.

It costs 399 INR a year to subscribe to pocket FM VIP. Even apart from the VIP section Pocket FM has many other free stories as well which is available to all the users of the app.