How to hide apps on Samsung

Could it be said that you are baffled in light of the fact that your home screen is besieged with various applications?

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How to Hide Apps on Samsung [2022]? (6 Steps to Hide it) - Samsung TechWin
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Assuming you wish to decrease the number of projects in your Apps Tray and Home screen on your Samsung telephone however can’t eliminate pre-introduced applications, you can incapacitate or compel stop the application and conceal it.

Confound in light of the fact that you’re not a nerd individual? We track down routes in each issue!

You can figure out how to stow away and once again add applications to your Apps Tray by following the means underneath.

Cosmic system Smartphone Hiding Apps Overview

Most Galaxy cell phone clients know that they have the choice to cripple or uninstall applications from their telephones assuming they never again wish to utilize or see those applications.

Yet, imagine a scenario where you would rather not erase the application information and on second thought need to simply have stowed away applications and have the option to utilize it at whatever point you need.

What choices do you have?

Attempt to keep requests for employment out of the hands of intrigued relatives or companions, or dating applications out of the hands of inquisitive relatives or companions, for instance.

Regardless of whether this is the situation, you’ll be supported to realize that disguising applications prevent them from showing up in your typical looking while as yet permitting you to look for them in your application cabinet.

This article will handle the accompanying:

  • Most Android telephones can stow away applications from their home screens and application drawers, driving you to find them physically in the event that you wish to utilize them.
  • Stowing away applications on your system cell phone can be utilized to forestall companions, family, and kids from getting to them, in addition to other things.
  • On the off chance that you don’t have a telephone that supports stowed away applications, you can introduce an outsider application launcher that empowers application camouflage.

Note: Hiding applications won’t give you complete information security since they will in any case be accessible, so it is vital to remember that.

Directions On How To Conceal Apps on a Samsung Galaxy Phone

There is an assortment of motivations behind why you would need to keep projects, photos, and other data on your Android gadget stowed away from others.

Maybe you have a few pictures on your telephone that you would incline toward your mom not to check whether she was to acquire your telephone for a brief period.

Maybe you have a few secret records that contain touchy individual data about yourself.

Maybe you have applications on your telephone that aren’t kid agreeable enough for you to feel open to giving your telephone over to your nephew so he can play Angry Birds with his companions.

It doesn’t make any difference what your inspiration is for concealing material on your telephone; there are various ways accessible.


Among the choices we’ll take a gander at are those that can be utilized on any Android telephone and those that are restrictive to Samsung, OnePlus, and other well-known handsets, among others.


6 Steps to Hide applications on my Samsung Galaxy


  1. Open the Apps menu on your Galaxy cell phone. Find and tap on your home screen to enter the Apps menu on your gadget.
  2. The following thing to do is select the button like in the image. This button might be found in the upper right corner of your Apps menu, close to the amplifying glass. It will make a spring up menu show up.


  1. Press the “Settings. This will open your Home Screen Settings menu on another page.
  2. Continue to Hidden applications. This will raise a rundown of all of the applications that are as of now accessible in your Apps menu.


  1. Select the application that you need to keep stowed away. For this situation, the application will be chosen and will have a blue mark close to it in the rundown.
  • You can choose various applications to conceal them all simultaneously from this menu.


  1. Ultimately, press the “Apply Button”. In the upper-right corner of your screen, you’ll see a button that says “Save.” Using this technique, all of the chosen applications will be covered up and taken out from your Apps menu.
  • This doesn’t bring about any of your applications being uninstalled. Each of your secret applications is as yet open and usable.


My Final Thoughts

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That is the reason there are minutes that we would rather not share with others.

Indeed, on account of this magnificent stowed away application highlight!