How to hide App pages on iPhone

Along with all-new home screen widgets, iOS 14 now lets you remove app pages (without uninstalling applications) to further personalise your experience. Take a look at how to conceal iPhone app pages for a more organised setup. Putting applications in folders, removing them, or utilising the offload apps feature were the major methods to organise and tidy up your home screen and other programme pages before iOS 14.

It’s now possible to conceal app pages using Apple’s newest software. The procedure leaves your device’s pages and applications accessible via the new App Library, Siri, or a Spotlight search, but hides them from display for a much simpler iPhone experience.

Keeping your iPhone organised may feel like a full-time job at times, especially if you install new applications often. iOS 14 adds a few new features to help you manage your apps, including the option to hide whole app pages.

When you do this, you don’t lose anything because all of your apps are still available and readily accessed in the App Library, which is the iPhone’s right-most page, just swipe left to get there.

  • On your iPhone, tap and hold a blank area on any page of applications. When the screen begins to wobble, let go.
  • You should notice a page indicator at the bottom of the screen with one dot for each page on your phone (there is one dot for each home screen plus one dot for the App Library). It should be tapped.
  • You can see all of your phone’s app pages on the “Edit Pages” screen. Clear the check mark next to each page you want to conceal with a tap. (You won’t be able to conceal all of your pages; your iPhone will always display at least one.)
  • Tap “Done,” then “Done” again when you return to the home screen.

Simply repeat the process and check the hidden pages if you wish to restore a hidden page. After you’ve hidden app pages, you’ll get a notification that new downloads have appeared in the App Library’s Recently Added area. New app downloads are now shown on your home screen/app page by default, but you may alter this in the Settings app.

If you only want new downloads to appear in the iPhone App Library and not on the home screen or an app page, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Go to the Home Screen by tapping it.
  • Choose App Library just at the top of the page under New App Downloads.

If you want to obtain reminders and a shortcut, you may acquire a notification badge to “Show in App Library.”