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How to hide spoilers on discord



Discord is a new- age social media platform where you can find people with same interest as you. You are free here to talk about your favourite anime or favourite book or even a show. But sometimes it can be annoying for someone to receive messages having spoilers about the show one is  watching or the book one is reading. It would be truly a frustrating situation. The person cannot definitely stop everyone from telling them the spoilers, right? Thus, You can always look out for your fellow users, keeping in mind their comfort as well.


Luckily, discord foreseen this issue and introduced “spoiler tags”. These tags can be applied to avoid any spoiler message from you reaching unwanted person and stops you from ruining your friend’s marvellous experience of watching shows and reading books.


Spoiler tags can be easily fixed to hide messages initially. Spoiler tags can be used in the discord messages of your browser, the discord app installed in your android, windows, mac, iPhone or iPad. The spoiler tags can be used on both text and images.


How to add spoiler tags to hide text messages on Discord?


So let’s get started with the steps which could help you hide spoiler text from the fellow users.


It is important to note that the following method can be used for discord on any platform such as


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad


Step- 1 All you need to do is add a spoiler tag before your message to hide it. The spoiler tag is “/spoiler”

For Example, /spoiler this is a spoiler of the bestseller book.

With this tag being used, the message would be sent hidden and only the users who wish to see it will be able to access it.


Step-2 An alternative method to the above method is adding two vertical line at the both ends of message to hide it.

For example, ||This is a spoiler of your favourite show||


With this being used you message will be sent as hidden and deemed as a spoiler.


But What happens if you wish to access a spoiler?


Well, it is not complicated as astronomy. All you need to do is click on that spoiler. Instantly, the message will open up with little grey highlighted background.


Moving on to the next part, which focuses on using spoiler tags on images or attachments


How to use Spoiler tags to hide Images and attachments on Discord?


The steps to achieve this particular aim is not very tough. But, a sad part for this is that there isn’t any method to hide images or attachments on mobile apps. This method is restricted to Windows, Mac and Browser


So, let’s get started:


Step-1 First of all, you need to add the attachment or image you wish to share. This can be achieved through drag and drop method or tap the + sign next to the chat space.


Step-2 Once you add the file, Discord will show you a preview of your image or attachment.


Step-3 Next you need to check the “ a mark as spoiler” check box on the appearing dialog box after send.


Step- 4 hit the upload toggle. Your image would be sent marked as spoiler. If someone wishes to watch it they need to tap “spoiler” toggle.







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