How to hide/unhide user from YouTube live

You’ll understand why this is such a crucial feature if you’ve ever used YouTube or attempted to become a YouTube producer. One of the most popular social networking sites on the Internet is YouTube. It boasts millions of daily video views and hundreds of video blogs. Anybody with access to the internet and a computer can submit videos for other people to watch.

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Even one troll or hater may make your experience as a YouTube creator intolerable.

The most important thing to understand is that you cannot prevent individuals from watching YouTube videos. Also, there are several viewers with various viewpoints and perspectives. But, you may restrict how often people can see or comment on your videos. If you want to stop spam posts or make sure that particular videos stay on your radar, especially if they appeal to a particular demographic, this works incredibly well.

My channel occasionally receives a lot of spam comments. Also, marking every single remark as spam might take a lot of time. So, I normally just block anybody from accessing my YouTube channel.
Who are the YouTube secret users?
These users’ comments and live chat messages won’t appear, including live conversations. The process of deleting old comments and live chat messages could take several days.

How can a person be hidden on a YouTube channel?
Desktop user channel privacy – through
Enter your YouTube login information.
Go to the video and hide the user there.
Click the three dots in the right corner after hovering over the remark.
Click User Hide.
With YouTube Studio, hide the individual from the channel
You may also control your comments using YouTube studio.
In the left sidebar, choose Comments.
You may search for or filter comments, making it simple to remove several spammers at once.
Choose Hide user from the channel by clicking the three dots.

How can I block a user from my channel on the mobile YouTube Studio app?

Typically, I use the YouTube Studio mobile app to see metrics and make several modifications.
The ability to hide people from a YouTube channel is also quite practical.

Launch YouTube Studio on your phone (note, it is not a standard YouTube app).
Open the sidebar’s Comments section.
Find the remark, click the three dots, and then select Hide User From Channel.

How can you stop someone from accessing your YouTube channel?
You may also choose to block particular users.
Check out the remark.
You will be sent to the YouTube channel when you click on the individual you wish to ban.
Click the Flag symbol under the About section, then click Block User. From here, you can also report a user.