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How to Increase Social Media Engagement for Your Brand Online


Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives nowadays. Whether you are a student, a mother, a freelancer or a business owner, social media can be something that eats up some of your time, energy and resources. The use of social media has grown from more than just being a source of entertainment. Now, it can be a source of information, a shopping platform, a marketing venue, and a brand reputation management tool. Businesses of all sizes and forms now realize how important social media is especially since social media marketing has boomed. A brand’s social media engagement, if done properly, can help boost their reputation.


What is Social Media Engagement?

Social media engagement is a method used by most brands and businesses to engage with their current and potential customers through one or more social media platforms. It is also the term used to evaluate the performance of a brand’s efforts and overall presence in any given social media platform.


Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement for Your Brand:

There are a number of social media websites available, with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube being some of the most popular. Given the continuously growing number of social media users worldwide, it only makes sense to take their brand online and build an online presence that will help them get closer to their audience. If you are yet to start your social media marketing, here are some ways for you to improve your brand’s social media engagement.


  1. Make Your Posts Visual

Social media marketing stats consistently show that visual posts get more interaction and shares as compared to posts with no images or videos included. Social media users prefer to see visually appealing posts, something with a wow factor. Considering the number of brands competing for the attention of the same audiences, it only makes sense for social media marketers to take advantage of the appeal that videos and images can bring to their post.


  1. Create Polls and Surveys

Another way for you to gather more engagements on your social media account is by making polls and surveys, especially about hot and viral topics on the internet. If it’s something interesting or intriguing, you will be able to pique your followers’ interest and get them to participate in your survey. It can be something fun or serious wherein people can also add comments and share their thoughts and opinions. People generally love the idea of being heard or knowing that someone values or listens to their thoughts. As long as you are sticking to a topic that is relevant to your brand or business, and it’s something your followers will be interested in, then it will surely help you gain a lot of followers on Instagram.


  1. Sponsor a giveaway

Who wouldn’t want to have a chance to win a giveaway? Starting a live video or a contest for some free stuff can help you reach out to many followers and potential customers. It can be some product samples or some good quality items that your followers will find interesting. As much as possible, you will want to give away free products that are relevant to your brand. You can take advantage of this giveaway opportunity to let some select followers try your products and gain some future customers in return, apart from getting higher engagement rates for your social media page.


  1. Increase Your Posting Frequency

If you want to continue growing your social media presence, it’s important to maintain a constant, yet not-so-overwhelming appearance on your followers’ social media feeds. Posting on a regular schedule and during your followers’ peak hours of activity will also help you gain a bigger number of engagement. The more posts you have going out, the more opportunities you will have to get reactions, comments and shares from your social media audience.


  1. Respond Quickly and Thoroughly

One of the best ways of helping you gain more interactions and improve your brand’s reputation at the same time is by responding timely to messages and comments from your followers. Whether it’s a question, a feedback, a criticism, or a complaint, your followers will value your brand better if you get to respond to them quickly. Timely responses to comments can also encourage further interactions from your followers and can even help you gain potential customers.


  1. Use Social Media Engagement Tools

There’s a reason why a lot of social media marketing experts are willing to invest in a variety of social media tools. To help you make the most of your social media efforts, here are some tools that you might want to use for a number of tasks that you need to accomplish as you handle your social media accounts.


  • Canva. This browser-based graphic design app is a great and easy way to help you create visually-appealing social media posts. With various templates, images and concepts available for you to use, Canva can help you save time in creating the right set of images for your social media posts.


  • Giphy. Social media users love GIFs. Whether it’s a greeting sticker or a funny meme, you can find a large selection of them on Giphy. It’s a great way to encourage engagements from your social media followers.


  • Facebook Live. Feel like sharing behind-the-scenes stories and videos with your followers? Go live on Facebook. You can run contests, raffles, Q and As, and other things that can help you gain more followers and interactions on your social media account.


  • Hootsuite. If you want to make sure that you get to follow your regular posting schedule without having to stress about it consistently, then you might want to use Hootsuite to schedule all of your social media posts. This browser-based social media management tool can also help you gain insights on how your social media efforts are going.


  • Chatbots. Many users are now using website, Facebook and Instagram bots as part of their marketing strategies and customer support solutions. Chatbots can make it easier for you to provide timelier responses to your customers’ queries. It can even help you automate some of your marketing strategies.


So if you want to make the most of your social media marketing efforts, make sure that you improve the way you post and interact with your followers. Be more present and learn to take advantage of some of the most popular social media management tools available on the internet.



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