How to integrate ChatGPT in Google sheets

The new AI phenomenon ChatGPT is well renowned for coming up with ideas. Businesses that frequently use Google Sheets to keep track of their ideas may be able to learn something from the chatbot created by OpenAI. One must have access to the service’s API, which is not yet made accessible to the general public, to use it. The ChatGPT may, however, be included in Google Sheets. Fortunately, OpenAI makes its API available. ChatGPT is built on GPT-3. While GPT-3 API only allows a certain number of credits, users may still submit hundreds or even thousands of queries before purchasing more credits.
How to connect ChatGPT with Google Spreadsheet using Google Apps Script | by Dilip Kashyap | Jan, 2023 | Level Up Coding
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The integration of GPT-3 with Google sheets using a built-in feature like Google Script shouldn’t be an issue, as GPT-3 can comprehend sophisticated prompts and instructions. When called, the function creates a unique function that queries the OpenAI API with the relevant questions.

ChatGPT and Google Sheets integration

Let’s look at the procedures to be followed for the Google Sheet integration. New Google Spreadsheet creation
You must first create a new Google Spreadsheet by navigating to the Google Drive site, clicking on “New,” and then choose “Google Sheets” to get started.

Build a new Google Script in step two.
The next step is to build a new Google Script by selecting “Script editor” from the “Tools” menu after your new Spreadsheet is open. With a blank script, a new tab will be opened.

Connect to the ChatGPT API in step three.
The next step is to use JavaScript’s get() method to establish a connection to the ChatGPT API. You must use the ChatGPT model’s API endpoint and include your API key in the headers when connecting to it.

Step 4: Enter the answers into the Google Spreadsheet.
After establishing a connection to the ChatGPT API and receiving a response, you can use the SpreadsheetApp class in Google Apps Script to store it in the Google Spreadsheet.

Step 5: Run your script and test it.
To confirm if the response from ChatGPT is appropriately stored, run your script in the Script Editor and view the Google Spreadsheet. After you are happy with the outcomes, you can schedule the script to run by using Google Apps Script’s “Triggers” feature.

Google Sheets ChatGPT uses instructions.
Using it now that integration is finished should be a relatively easy choice. You may access a plethora of functions in ChatGPT by entering =GPT ().
For instance, the function may be used as shown below if you require chatGPT to provide the average number of entries for a specific number of cells.
Write the average of the cells from 101 to 200 using the formula =GPT.