How to interact with a CB radio in Fortnite

By interacting with a CB Radio, you will be able to finish a Legendary quest in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. During this chapter, such quests are relatively common and rotate in and out of the game on a weekly basis. They also have a time limit, which means that you have to complete the most recent set of steps before the timer expires. When this happens, a new quest will be unlocked and introduced into the game.

The timings for when new quests go live are the following:

  1. UK: 3 pm (BST)
  2. Europe: 4 pm (CEST)
  3. East Coast US: 10 am (EDT)
  4. West Coast US: 7 am (PDT)

In the guest that appeared during Week 5, the player receives orders from a payphone that instruct you to find a CB Radio within Believer Beach. You can also take advantage of this challenge as it is an effective way to get abducted by the mothership, which happens more frequently than expected on Believer Beach.

This guide will explain to you how you can find the location of the CB Radio and interact with it.


  1. The CB Radio is located on Believer Beach, which is the named location in the northwest of the map. Travel specifically to the west side of the beach. Note that this instruction is slightly different to what the challenge screen suggests, which states that the location is closer to the centre of the beach than where it actually is.
  2. If you see some picnic tables and a campfire, you will know that you are in the right location. The CB Radio itself will also be glowing blue over there.
  3. Place yourself and stand directly beside the CB Radio. Interact with the prompt to tune in and finish the challenge.

Once you have followed these steps and completed the challenge, you will be able to begin the next one, which is to place welcome gifts in the Holly Hatchery.