How to make a Minecraft server

There are several segments when it comes to the process of making a Minecraft server.


To set up a Minecraft server, you will need to have Java installed onto your computer.

  1. Go to
  2. You will then be led to a website where you will find a .jar file which is the installer you need to set up a Minecraft server. This is a service set up provided by Minecraft’s official website. This link will show the latest available version of Minecraft.
  3. Click on this link to download the server’s setup.

Setting up the server 

  1. Create a new folder, and drag and drop the downloaded file into it.
  2. Open up the folder and double-click on the server.jar file.
  3. After doing so, you will notice that there are new files being created in this folder. Double-click and open the eula file.
  4. Next to eula=false, you will need to change false to true in order to enable your Minecraft server.
  5. After enabling your server, make sure that you click on File and then Save.
  6. Go back to the main folder and click on the server.jar file again. This will add more files to your folder.
  7. A new window will pop up showing you the current logs and the status of your server. You will have to wait for a short moment so that the server can finish being set up.
  8. Once you get a message saying “Done,” that means that your server is online.
  9. Go back into the server folder and right-click on Server properties.
  10. Click on Open with, and then on Notepad. In this file, you will find all your game settings. You can edit many things, such as enabling or disabling Player vs Player, changing the game mode, setting up the maximum number of players, and more. You can also change the name of the server in the last line. Keep in mind that you will need to keep this window running in the background while playing on your Minecraft server. If you change any of the settings in this file while being on the server, you will have to close this window and click on the server.jar file again to restart the server and enable the new changes that you made.

Playing on the server

When launching Minecraft, make sure that you select the same version as the Minecraft server. For example, if your server is in version 1.16.5, you will need to launch Minecraft in 1.16.5, as well.

  1. To access the server, go to Multiplayer, and then Add Server.
  2. In the Server Address slot, type in localhost and click on Done. This should add your server to the server list.
  3. Click on Join Server.