How to migrate gta online character

Need to know how to move your GTA Online person from PS4 to PS5 or Xbox One to Xbox Series X? Here is all the data you’ll have to set yourself up for more lawbreaker tricks on your new-gen console. GTA Online has its own refreshed, and presently independent, a re-discharge that will permit players to profit from quicker load times, further developed surfaces, and a goal up to 4K. Assuming you want to know how to move GTA 5 Story Mode progress to PS5 and Xbox Series X, we have tips on that as well.

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To keep playing as your old-gen GTA Online person on your new-gen console, you’ll have to move your personality when you sign in. This is the kind of thing you will need to do if you’ve played numerous long stretches of GTA Online and stepped up your personality and got them the best stuff. This is the way you relocate your GTA Online profile and characters from PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One to Xbox Series X to abstain from the beginning without any preparation.

Step by step instructions to relocate GTA Online characters to PS5 and Xbox Series X


The method involved with moving your GTA Online profile so you can download it on another control centre is really direct, however, you’ll have to ensure that your old and new-gen GTA Online records share a similar Rockstar Social Club account so that they’re connected. You’ll likewise require the new form of the game. Given you have that arranged, you should be all set to relocate your PS4 or Xbox One profile over to PS5 or Xbox Series X and the improved GTA Online release. These profiles are naturally transferred, so you ought to have the option to see them on your new-gen console by following the means underneath:

Load up GTA Online on your PS5 or Xbox Series X. Given your control centre profiles share a similar Rockstar Social Club information, you ought to get a programmed ‘relocate profile’ brief to show up

Pick which control centre profile you need to relocate. You’ll see any GTA Online profiles you might have from last-gen consoles. On the off chance that you have multiple (a PS4 profile and an Xbox One profile, for instance), you should pick which one to move – you can’t combine records or move multiple.

Affirm the profile relocation. After picking the profile to move, you’ll receive a message that you should peruse to guarantee you are moving the right profile.

Make another person or proceed. After you’ve finished profile relocation, you’ll get the choice to give a shot at the new GTA Online Career Builder by making another person. Assuming you as of now have two GTA Online characters, you should erase one of them to attempt this. If you’re not intrigued, you can simply pick one of your current characters and jump into the game.


There are a couple of other significant things to realize while going through the GTA Online movement process. Initially, don’t deter GTA Online or turn your control centre when profile relocation is occurring as you’ll take a chance with defiling the saved information. Additionally, this relocation is a one-time process and can’t be scattered or rehashed on a similar control centre – it appears to be that moving your profile from a PS4 or Xbox One to a PS5 or Xbox Series X will eliminate all GTA Online information related to the PS4 or Xbox One, so pressing forward is the only option all things considered. On the off chance that you’re pondering, ‘would you be able to play GTA Online on PS5 with PS4 players?’, profile movement takes into account cross-movement or crossplay.


Nonetheless, all GTA Online characters inside your picked profile will be moved, so you can move to new-gen with up to two characters, yet you can erase one if you might want to evaluate the recently referenced Career Builder. At long last, note that while you can move your profile to various control centre stages altogether – PS4 to Xbox Series X, for instance – any GTA Online cash you’ve paid for with genuine cash as a microtransaction won’t be moved by doing this. On the off chance that you need GTA Online cash you’ve paid for to be moved as well, you should relocate to the new-gen console inside a similar family – PS4 to PS5, for instance. Albeit, any cash you’ve acquired through interactivity will be protected and will be moved with your save, paying little heed to which stage you relocate to.

While you can turn down the choice to relocate your profile when you sign in to GTA Online on your PS5 or Xbox Series X, we haven’t done it without anyone else’s help to affirm the results of doing as such. We accept that you’ll begin without any preparation and make another person as ordinary, however, we don’t know for certain assuming you’ll get the choice to move your profile whenever thereafter. Know that if can move later and decide to do as such, your moved profile will overwrite your new GTA Online person and you will lose all advancement and GTA$.

The most effective method to fix the GTA Online movement dark screen

Assuming you’re disapproving of relocating your GTA Online profile over to your PS5 or Xbox Series X, like apparently interminable dark screens, don’t worry as numerous different players are encountering a similar issue. The enduring dark screens appear to seem when your profile is being relocated, so you simply should be patient and trust that that will finish and continue. The relocation interaction will presumably consume most of the day for certain players as Rockstar fights server issues on their end, reasonable due to such countless players attempting to get into GTA Online immediately.