How to mute words on twitter

Sometimes Twitter can be a flood of information, from bad news to spam trends and content you don’t care about. Fortunately, it is possible to adjust your timeline and notifications to filter out malicious content or topics that you would rather not see on your timeline. Read on to learn how to mute tweets that contain specific words, phrases, usernames, emojis, or hashtags.

How to mute words and hashtags on Twitter

In this tutorial, we will show you how to mute words and hashtags on iOS, but the steps are more or less the same for Android. If you still want to see the Android guide, check the Twitter Help website for steps. If you want to learn more about how mute works on different websites, check out our article on how to mute people on social media for more information.

Follow these instructions to silence words and hashtags if you’re using the app on a mobile device:

  • Select the gear icon from the Notifications tab.
  • Select Muted, then Muted words from the drop-down menu.
  • You should now be able to see a list of the words you’ve muted. Add is the option to choose.
  • To silence a word or hashtag, type it in the box below. At a time, you may only add one word or phrase to your list.
  • Choose whether this term should be muted on your timeline, in your alerts, or both.
  • Select whether the option applies to all tweets or just those from persons you don’t follow.
  • Select Forever, 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days from the Duration drop-down menu.
  • Select the Save option. The silent time period should now appear next to each of your inputted words. Choose Done.

The method is identical with a browser on a computer, but the user interface is different.

  • On Twitter, look at the left navigation menu.
  • From the side navigation menu, select More, then Settings and Privacy.
  • Then pick Mute and block from the Privacy and safety menu.
  • The plus icon will appear once you choose Muted words. You may now silence a word or hashtag by typing it in.
  • When you add a word, you may choose whether you want it to appear on your timeline, in your alerts, or both.
  • You may also choose whether the option applies to all tweets or just those from individuals you don’t follow.
  • Select a time limit under Mute timing.
  • Finally, press the Save button.