How to pin someone on Snapchat?

What Does Snapchat’s “Pin Conversation” Mean?

You might see Snapchat users referring to “pin chats,” “pin people,” or “pinned individuals” on other social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook and wonder what they mean. Conversations or persons in a user’s Snapchat app that they’ve pinned to the top of their screens by following the procedures outlined above are referred to as such terms.

Pinning someone on Snapchat has no effect on their account status. Pinners aren’t even notified that they’ve been pinned. Within the Snapchat app, this feature makes it easy to locate a discussion.


How to  pin someone on Snapchat?

It’s a little addition that allows you to pin chats to the top of your Snapchat feed. You can quickly browse through the app with this easy function, making the procedure faster and more convenient. Although learning how to pin someone on Snapchat is a little detail, it may significantly improve your Snapchat experience. New snaps or chats from such friends or groups will appear first after discussions are pinned to the top.

Pinning on Snapchat is simple and can be accomplished with just a few taps within the app. Here’s how you can pin anything on Snapchat.


  1. Friends Screen is a way to start.

Visit the Friends screen once you’ve gotten into the app. You must swipe right from the Camera screen to do so.


  1. Hold down the contact or entry button.

Press and hold the same icon to pin a contact or a discussion thread.


  1. Pick a Pin Option

There will be a lot of options available; select ‘Chat Settings’ from the list. Pin Conversation is an option available here.


  1. Personalize the Pins

By default, when you pin a contact or a discussion, it is represented by a red pushpin. You may personalise the pins to give them personality and help you distinguish one contact from another. In My Profile, go to Settings. Scroll down to the Additional Settings section and click Manage. Select Friend emojis from the drop-down menu. You may change the push pins to different emojis using this option.


You may also remove a contact or a chat that has been pinned. The steps to do so remain the same. You may unpin a conversation by going to Chat Settings and selecting Unpin Conversation. Another thing to keep in mind is that pinning or unpinning your contacts’ chats will not notify them. As a result, when you utilise this function, there is no social pressure. Also, on your Snapchat feed, you may only pin three chats at a time.