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How to play Minecraft VR on oculus quest

Would you be able to play Minecraft on Oculus Quest or Quest 2?


There is a local form of Minecraft Bedrock release for the Oculus Rift, yet Minecraft isn’t accessible for Oculus Quest or Quest 2. You can in any case play Minecraft on your Quest, yet provided that you have a VR-prepared PC and an Oculus link. Your PC runs the Minecraft application and sends visual information to the headset, permitting you to play Minecraft in VR as long as you stay fastened to your PC.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube


It’s feasible to play Bedrock and Java renditions of Minecraft on your Quest, yet the cycles are somewhat unique. Assuming you don’t claim either form yet, you’ll need to buy either before you can play on your Quest. Now let’s get into, How to play Minecraft VR on oculus quest.


Here are the methods of Minecraft you can play on Quest:

  • Windows 10 (Bedrock) release: This is the form of Minecraft that you can buy from the Microsoft store. It has VR abilities incorporated into it and is not difficult to get going, yet this form can’t be modded similarly that the Java rendition can.
  • Java release: This is the first form of Minecraft that has huge loads of free mods accessible on the web. It’s somewhat more convoluted to get this rendition running in VR, as you want to introduce Java, Steam, and Steam VR assuming that you haven’t effectively done as such, yet the execution is seriously fascinating. For instance, you can mine blocks by actually swinging your regulators.

Step by step instructions to Play Minecraft Bedrock Edition on Oculus Quest or Quest 2

The Bedrock Edition is not difficult to get running in VR. All you want is the Minecraft application introduced on your PC, the Oculus application on your PC, the Oculus Rift Minecraft application introduced on your PC, and a connection link to interface your Oculus to your PC.

This is the way to play Minecraft Bedrock Edition on your Quest:

  1. Purchase and introduce Minecraft from the Microsoft Store assuming you haven’t as of now done as such.
  2. Launch the Oculus application on your PC.
  3. Search for Minecraft, and select it from the outcomes.
  4. Click Free or Install.

This isn’t the full Minecraft application. It’s simply a free application that permits Minecraft Bedrock Edition to run in VR on Oculus equipment.

  1. Put on your Oculus, and associate it to your PC utilizing the connection link.
  2. Select Enable to empower Oculus Link.
  3. Locate Minecraft in your applications or quest for it, and select Start.
  4. Minecraft will dispatch in VR.



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