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How to port BSNL to JIO?

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There can be instances where you wish to change your mobile network service provider and you don’t know how. There can be various reasons for this such as for instance, your BSNL number is having very poor signals and almost zero connectivity at major places where other operators are getting connections, the frequency at which your call is dropping has gone very high as compared to other operators in the market or simply just that the other operator is providing you with better package and more benefits than your current plan.

For mostly these reasons will you ever wish to go through the inconvenience of having your network operator switched. Just for your information, the current market dominance is overpowered by Reliance JIO and government’s BSNL is not getting better with times. So, if you have a BSNL mobile number and you wish to switch to JIO, you can do that with Mobile Number Portability. With this, only your operator will change, and your phone number will remain the same.

Please make sure that you need these documents in place before you apply:

  1. Passport size photo.
  2. A valid ID proof like Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport number, Voter ID etc.
  3. You will also need a porting code to go through this process.


How to port your number from BSNL to JIO?

Follow the below mentioned steps to begin the porting process:

  1. Send an SMS from BSNL number with text “SMS <10-digit mobile number>” to 1900.
  2. Now you will receive a Unique Porting Code.
  3. Next, you will have to visit your nearest JIO Store and request them to port your BSNL number to JIO number. Share the Unique Porting Code with them.
  4. Get your KYC completed at the JIO store by showing them your documents like Aadhar Card, Voter ID etc. a proof that they would need.
  5. Now you can submit your Mobile Number Portability application after following the steps above.

The process usually takes around 5 business days and in case you are having a post-paid connection, you will have to clear your outstanding dues first. If you have a prepaid connection, be ready to lose your existing balance as you will need to buy Jio plans once the porting is complete.

Be prepared that your BSNL number will work as normal until the porting process has completed. Once your BSNL stops working, you can switch your BSNL sim card with Jio sim card and recharge it with the desired plan and it will work.

Also, you will need to Activate your Jio number when the porting process is complete.