Despite the great popularity of messengers and social networks in today’s world without the standard messages provided by mobile operators is very difficult.

To confirm bank transactions, to pass two-factor authorization, or to register with various services – all of these require entering your phone number and receiving a verification code from an SMS.

What is virtual cell number?

Virtual number is an online phone number without physical SIM-card and the binding to a specific device. You can use these numbers to bypass an online identity without having to give away any personal information such as your name or address. With this number, you can create accounts for Tinder, Google, Telegram, Amazon, Twitter, WhatsApp, PayPal and other online services without worrying about how much personal data will be shared with third parties.

Why do you need a virtual phone number in 2022?

Without a phone number in today’s world, you can do almost nothing on the Internet. For example, you can’t create an online account or order food. Almost all services in 2022 requests for a phone number to verify identity via SMS.

You need a virtual phone number to:

– Create an online account in a matter of minutes

– Order food and other products online

– Get access to premium content and services

– Participate in raffles and promotions from major companies.

Advantages of phone number generators for SMS

  • Worldwide availability: Virtual phone numbers are available all over the world. You can get a virtual number in any country, anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.
  • Without SIM-card: You do not need to buy an additional SIM card or another phone.
  • Unlimited online accounts: With a virtual mobile number you can register accounts on the Internet without restriction in any quantity.
  • Easy to use: Getting and using a virtual number does not require special skills and additional equipment. All you need is a device for Internet access and a few minutes of time.

Phone Generator to receive SMS online

Service SMS-man is generator of phone numbers for SMS verification. This service allows you to register for any social media service, e-mail or application. On SMS-man site you to buy a temporary mobile number for registration in Tinder, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and any other resource from just 10 cents.

If you compare with similar sites, then phone generator to receive SMS from SMS-man offers the lowest prices for services. The site always has a lot of virtual numbers from 258 countries.

SMS-man Company wanted to create a really convenient service of SMS-verification for its customers, allowing them to get a verification codes for any site or application in just a couple of seconds.

You can receive SMS on website in 4 simple steps:

Step 1. Sign up at

Step 2. Refill your account.

Step 3. Choose the country of the mobile operator and service for registration.

Step 4. Receive SMS message.