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How to redeem Apple gift card?

Apple Gift Card


If you have ever purchased or you have been gifted an Apple gift card before, there are couple of ways that you can redeem that code and encash it to make any type of Apple-specific purchases from the Apple Store. In the United States, these gift cards are very common and can be found at pharmacies, grocery stores, Walmart and many other stores. However, there are many readers out there who have just been gifted an Apple Gift card but are unsure on how to redeem it to make purchases on the Apple Store.

Here are a few steps by which you can redeem your Apple Gift Card and make whatever purchases you like at the Apple Store. These gift cards work like money in the offline Apple stores but there are a few additional steps when you wish to redeem the gift cards online.

So, you can redeem your Apple gift card using your MacBook, iPhone, iPad or even your Windows PC.

In Apple online stores, when you redeem your Apple Gift card, it gets credited to your Apple ID and you can use that credit to but Apple products, buy Apple services, subscriptions, or anything you like.

How to redeem Apple gift card?

Follow the below mentioned steps to know how you can redeem your Apple Gift Card and make purchase on Apple Music, iTunes, Apple TV, App Store, Apple Store, subscriptions from Apple and even Apple Books.

  1. Have your Gift Card handy with you and unlock your iPhone.
  2. Open App Store and click on the profile icon in the top-right corner.
  3. On the Account screen, you must see an option “Redeem Gift Card or Code”, click on it.
  4. Another screen will pop-up and it will as you to use camera to scan the back of your Gift Card.
  5. Click on Use Camera and scan the back with the code on your Apple Gift Card. iPhone will recognize the gift card and it will instantly be validated and credited to your Apple ID.

This is one way of doing it. Well, if you want to redeem your Gift Card using your MacBook, instead of using Camera, choose to enter code manually. This will do the exact same job but without scanning from the rear camera of your iPhone.

You can follow the same steps to redeem the Gift Card using your Windows Laptop as well. As soon as your Gift Card Code is validated, the amount will be credited to your Apple ID and you can use it on any Apple product or service.




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