How to restrict someone on Facebook
Learn how to edit your restricted list on Facebook

Facebook is a great way for people to connect in the age of the internet. They own most of the major social platforms like Instagram, Twitter and have the access within their means to control public perception. Facebook is the pioneer in creating a user friendly interface with diverse applicability and wide ranging reach across continents. Aside from the perks of having such a public platform it has its fallibility. Sometimes users may not want to share the aspects of their everyday life with everyone and that is okay. If you need to restrict some people and tailor content you post for a trusted few, this article may be of help. Read below to know to to add or remove people in your ‘Restricted list’

Placing your contacts in the ‘Restricted list’ still means that you are friends but only the posts that you give access to the public can be viewed by them. They will also be able to view the posts in which they are tagged but that is pretty much all.

Steps on how to restrict your contacts on Facebook

  1.  First off, go to your friends list in your profile
  2.  Choose the friend you would like to restrict
  3. Click on ‘Friends’, on the top right corner or beside ‘Following’ and ‘Message’
  4. When you click on ‘Friends’ you will see a set of options like ‘Get notifications’, ‘Close Friends’, ‘Acquaintances’, Add to another list’, and ‘Unfriend’.
  5. ‘Click on ‘Add to another list’
  6.  Then choose the ‘Restricted’ option.

 Steps on how to unrestrict your contacts on Facebook

  1. Go to your news feed
  2.  Click on ‘See more options’ on the bottom left of your screen.
  3.  Click on the ‘Friend lists’ option
  4. You will find the ‘Restricted’ list here
  5.  Choose the profile of someone you would like to unrestrict and press ‘Finish’.

If you are confused about the different lists on Facebook, here is a quick overview. The close friends list are all your contacts who you would like to see more of. The acquaintances list are those friends who you are friends with but are not all that familiar with, their posts are less likely to pop up on your screen. Restricted list are those contacts who you are still friends with but is limited to posts you make public.

Learn about more features on Facebook to enhance your user experience and get the most out of the app. More tips on feature updates soon.