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How to Save Instagram Audio Messages on an iPhone

You will be surprised to know that you can save Instagram Audio Messages on an iPhone. Although there is no traditional way of saving audio in a phone, however, there is a screen recorder built-in an iPhone that can allow you to Save Instagram Audio Messages on an iPhone. Using this facility along with an audio conversion app you can get exactly what you want.

Here’s How to Save Instagram Audio Messages on an iPhone-

  1. The first foremost step to get started with this process is to launch the Instagram app on your iOS phone. Head straight to your messages section. You can easily find your DM section around the top right section of your screen.
  2. Open the chatbox of the person from which you want to save Instagram Audio Message on an iPhone. Scroll to the audio message.
  3. Open the control panel of your iPhone by sliding a swipe from the upper-right corner. When the control panel opens up, tap on the ‘Record’ button.
    As soon as you tap on the option, it will start recording video and audio of everything that is happening on your iPhone.
  4. Get back to your messages section of Instagram by swiping the screen down and closing the control panel
  5. When the recorder of your iPhone starts recording, you have to play the audio message you want to save.
  6. After the audio message is recorded by the recorder, swipe up the control panel once again and tap on the recorder to stop the recording.
  7. The video which you recorded can be accessed by you from the Photos app.
  8. When you tap on the video, you will find an option of ‘Edit’. With the help of this option, you can edit the video file exactly from where you need the audio of it.
  9. After you have trimmed the video from the points you need it, tap on Done.

Separate the Audio from Video

  1. If you can work with the video playing the audio that you need, it is already good enough. In case you just need the audio file, download a third-party app and you will be able to make an MP3 file with which you can just pick up the audio.
  2. Head straight to your App Store app and search and download an app that converts video files to audio.
  3. After you download the app, import your video file to the app, and then extract the audio from it.

This is how you can Save Instagram Audio Messages on an iPhone.




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