How to see hidden information on Facebook marketplace

Facebook is an important tool for brands who are interested in selling their products to targeted audiences.

On October 3, 2016, Facebook Inc launched Facebook Marketplace, a peer-to-peer online selling platform, to let people buy their favourite items online more efficiently. Marketplace, on the other hand, has expanded substantially throughout the epidemic, and now has a new user interface, theme, and more. People may explore and buy a variety of products put up by vendors, resellers, and others on Facebook’s new area. The left-hand categories are broad, including virtually everything from automobiles, food, pet supplies, and more to real estate and more.

More than 800 million people use Marketplace each month to explore, buy, or sell things, according to data from October 2018, offering businesses the chance to increase discovery and sales of essential products in a location where their customers are currently shopping.

Many individuals are taking advantage of the Marketplace, which allows them to quickly purchase and sell things on the social networking site.  Filtering results by location, category, and price might help people locate what they’re searching for. However, some of the capabilities, such as how to see secret information on Facebook Marketplace, are difficult to grasp. Here’s all you need to know if you’re thinking the same thing.

Many users who use Facebook Marketplace on a PC or Mac find it difficult to figure out how to see the concealed information on the Marketplace site. However, because the PC versions or the web portal do not allow users to make calls, the concealed information only appears when they are using the PC versions or the web portal. When you use the Facebook app on your phone, it will show you the person’s phone number without the annoying “Hidden Information” label.

There is still a method to access the hidden information on Facebook Marketplace if you do not have the Facebook app installed on your smartphone. When you log in to Facebook, you’ll see that the URL begins with

To reveal the information on Facebook Marketplace, simply delete “www.” and replace it with “m.” This will bring up the mobile version of the site on your PC, where you can view all of the seller’s details, including their phone number, which you can use to contact them about purchasing their items. If you continue to have issues, you can just send the seller a Direct Message with the product URL.