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How to sell on eBay

You’ve probably known about eBay and know it as where you can sell the old, undesirable things that messiness your home, carport, or upper room. In any case, throughout the long term, eBay has become significantly more than the spot to sell your undesired garbage.

Since eBay was established in 1995—simply a year after Amazon—it has kept up with its status as an expert in the internet business world.

While eBay started as a bartering based commercial centre for utilized things and collectables, it has gradually changed into a fixed-value commercial centre. It’s currently an extraordinary spot to sell fresh out of the box new items too.

Source: Tech Advisor

Indeed, 90% of eBay’s Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) comes from fixed-cost or “Get It Now” postings, exhibiting its sensational shift away from its bartering market roots.

The magnificence of eBay is the universe of choices that anticipates vendors: you can list things at fixed costs or closeout style, utilize your item photography, add your portrayals, and can sell (essentially) anything.

You might be asking yourself, do individuals still really pay stuff off of eBay? Indeed, they do!

  • As of Q3 2020, eBay has 183 million dynamic purchasers worldwide with more than 70% of that traffic coming from the U.S.
  • 19% of U.S. purchasers shop on eBay in 2021
  • There are approximately 25 million eBay dealers overall contrasted with the 9.2 million Amazon vendors around the world
  • 80% of Amazon dealers presently sell on eBay or have sold on eBay before


Instructions to utilize the eBay application


Before going anyplace to search for items to sell, ensure you have the eBay application downloaded to your telephone. You can output or snap a photo of a thing you’d prefer to sell, and eBay will show you current postings for it.

Utilize the Sold and Completed Listing channel strategy inside the application to find out about how well that thing is selling.

Keep in mind, because a thing is recorded at a specific cost doesn’t mean it will sell at that cost. Continuously look at sold and finished postings rather than simply the dynamic postings.


When you open the application, you will see the pursuit bar at the top. Either type in the item you need to look at or tap the little camera symbol to raise the standardized tag scanner.

Check the standardized tag of the item you need to look into, channel by “Finished Items” and “Sold Items”, then, at that point, view the outcomes.

Suppose You found a Collector’s Edition Tony Hawk skateboard at a second-hand shop for $10. Utilizing the eBay application, You can rapidly establish that. You would bring in cash exchanging this thing. Simply the initial not many outcomes show that You could sell the load up on eBay for five to multiple times the sum. You paid for it at the second-hand shop.

How about we twofold take a look at my assessed benefit with SaleCalc. I’ll utilize the cost and delivery rate at which the principal posting sold in my estimations.



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