Snoop Dogg's Metaverse neighbor paid $450K
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Snoop Dogg’s Metaverse neighbor paid $450K

Snoop Dogg’s California mansion is being recreated in The Sandbox, a decentralized metaverse game on Ethereum that just released its first wave of virtual lots in the “Snoopverse.” Someone Paid $450K to Be Snoop Dogg’s Metaverse Neighbor.

Someone Paid $450K to Be Snoop Dogg’s Metaverse Neighbor

Snoop Dogg's Metaverse neighbor paid $450K
Image Source: Flipboard

Snoop Dogg, a rapper from California, has moved into The Sandbox metaverse. And there’s someone who really wants to live next door. The Sandbox sells virtual land in the form of NFTs, which are one-of-a-kind tokens that confer ownership rights to digital items—in this case, plots of digital real estate. Sandbox LAND NFTs can be bought and sold on platforms like OpenSea just like any other NFT.

“Won’t you be my neighbor?” Snoop Dogg tweeted in response to the news that land adjacent to his sold for $450,000.

“He was immediately highly interested in The Sandbox,” Mathieu Nazareth, a board member of The Sandbox, told Decrypt when the firm approached Snoop about cooperating. “With him, we’re going to do a lot of things,” Nouzareth remarked. “The following campaign will focus on selling LAND with Snoop Dogg, followed by this massive performance. We sold 1000 tickets, and the event will take place early next year.”

In total, three “estates” are listed in the Snoopverse LAND NFT sale, including the plot that sold at auction for nearly half a million dollars. The other two estates sold for roughly $338,000 and $410,000, respectively, for close to 55,000 and 67,000 SAND.

In the vicinity of Snoop Dogg’s virtual estate, 122 ordinary LAND NFTs are also available for purchase for 1,011 SAND. There are also 67 premium LAND NFTs available for 4,683 SAND each, with three additional NFTs included as a bonus. Private party passes, which enable holders entrance to Snoop’s private parties in The Sandbox metaverse, may be included in the bonus NFTs.

The buyer of one of the “estates” in the Snoopverse for $450,000 is an NFT collector known as P-Ape. According to their OpenSea account, they also own Bored Ape #6445, which is presently sold for 150 Ethereum, and Mutant Ape #11089, which is currently available for 80 Ethereum.

This enormous Sandbox LAND auction sale price reveals that some people are willing to pay the average price of a multi-bedroom house in Phoenix, Arizona for a virtual 3×3 patch of Snoopverse land.

For better or worse, a lot of money is streaming into the metaverse, with more than $100 million invested in virtual real estate in the last week alone. A stunning $86.56 million of that total went to The Sandbox, which also works with music composer deadmau5 and athletic brand Adidas, in addition to Snoop Dogg.

But this isn’t Snoop’s first time dealing with NFTs. Over the last year, he’s been collecting and making art on the blockchain, teaming with artist Coldie to release an NFT collection on SuperRare and another with the creator of the Nyan Cat meme. Snoop also disclosed in September that he is the well-known NFT whale collector Cozomo Medici, though he has been quiet about it since.

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