How to send money to someone using Payoneer

Do you have to pay a colleague, provider, or project worker?
With Payoneer, you can make an installment to pretty much anybody, Free of charge!

How to Use Payoneer for Receiving Payment or Paying Remote Staff
Source: Time Doctor

To begin, sign in to your Payoneer account.
Go to PAY and afterward Make an Installment.
Start by choosing or entering the email address of the individual you need to pay.
Select the money equilibrium or card that you need to pay from.
Note that your accessible equilibrium will be shown underneath this field.
Presently, enter the sum you need to pay.
At last, type in a short portrayal of what you are paying for.
The message you type here will be shown in the email shipped off your beneficiary.
At the point when you’re finished, click Audit.
Audit the subtleties of your installment and ensure everything is right.
In the event that you want to transform anything, click Alter and refresh the important field.
After you’re certain that everything is right, affirm the installment subtleties, and afterward click Pay now.
Your installment will be made right away and your beneficiary will by and large get it inside
2 hours.
We’ll send you an email affirmation once the assets have been stored.
Presently, what occurs on the off chance that your beneficiary isn’t yet a Payoneer client?
On the off chance that any of your beneficiaries are not yet Payoneer clients, this is the synopsis page that you’ll
see subsequent to entering the installment subtleties.
Send your beneficiary a challenge to join and they’ll then, at that point, have the option to get this
furthermore, future installments effortlessly.
Moreover you may both be qualified for a 25 dollar Allude a Companion reward.
As in the past, survey the installment subtleties and afterward click Send Welcome.
You’ll then, at that point, see this affirmation page and
your beneficiary will get this email greeting to join to Payoneer and accept your installment.
When your beneficiary has joined to Payoneer, you’ll get this email notice with
a connection to finish the installment.
That is all there is to it!
With Payoneer’s ‘Make an Installment’ administration, you’re in every case a couple of snaps from
making installment to anybody, anyplace, any time.