How to share screen on Facetime

You can use screen sharing to view someone else’s computer without having to be physically there. There are several difficulties that may be handled by sharing your screen, as well as numerous circumstances in which you may want it.

Source – Tech Crunch

When teaching online, whether it’s your own online course or educating your grandparents how to use technology, screen sharing is crucial. Finally, if you want to play a game that doesn’t have a multiplayer feature, you might wish to share a screen with someone.

On a Mac, sharing the screen using FaceTime is simple. It can be done in a variety of ways.

How To Share Your Screen On FaceTime

When it comes to video chats, FaceTime is the software of choice for Mac users. FaceTime is still preferred by Apple customers over other video conferencing apps, despite the fact that it isn’t the best. It’s simple to use, produces excellent results, and keeps your contacts within easy reach.

However, you may want to get more out of FaceTime once you start using it for more than just a brief conversation with a buddy. When planning a group meeting and need to share your screen on FaceTime with everyone, for example, you’ll be shocked to discover there’s no apparent screen sharing option.

Just Use the Webcam To Share Your Screen on FaceTime

If you have a physical webcam, you may position it so that it faces your computer screen rather than your face. Your contacts will be able to view your screen, but only with restricted functionality – not to mention the poor quality of such a video call. Choose the following approach instead if you need to properly share your screen on FaceTime so that your contacts can observe your online activity and take control if necessary.

Messages Can Be Used To Share Your Screen

  • Sign in with your Apple ID account in the Messages app.
  • Find the individual with whom you wish to share your screen in a chat. Start a fresh chat with them instead.
  • Find the Details button in the upper right corner of the chat and click it.
  • Tap on the double-screen icon.
  • You may now select between inviting someone to share your screen and asking someone to share your screen.
  • The screen sharing options are also right on top of the chat. Choose to share your screen from the drop down box after clicking on the recipient’s name.