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How to shoot macro photos on other iphone devices apart from iphone 13

With Macro mode turned on, you can capture photos or videos of things as near as 2cm away from your iPhone’s camera lens, which means you can now photograph flowers, textures, insects, or pretty much anything small or close up with exact focus, rich detail, and no blurring.

On the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, here’s how to use the Macro mode function. Remember that Macro mode is only available on these devices and isn’t available on the iPhone 13 mini or iPhone 13.

  • On your iPhone 13 Pro, open the Camera app.
  • In the camera mode menu, make sure Photo mode is selected. Swipe to Video mode instead if you’re filming video.
  • Allow the camera to switch to the wide-angle lens once you’ve lined up your close-up subject in the viewfinder. Close the distance between the subject and the lens to as little as 2cm (you can use the zoom if necessary).
  • Maintain a firm grip on the phone. Tap the shutter to capture the photo or start recording video after the lens has focussed on the subject. If you’re filming video, press the shutter button once more to complete the shot.
  • When you’re playing about with Macro mode, you’ll find that your iPhone 13 Pro automatically changes to the new mode when it detects an item within 14cm of the lens.
  • When switching from a wide-angle to an ultra-wide-angle lens, the viewfinder may jitter, which may be extremely unpleasant and distracting.



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