How to sign a document on your Android smartphone

Learning how to sign documents on Android may come in handy both professionally and personally. With so many important documents no longer available in hard copy, having a method for adding a digital signature can be critical for getting started on work projects, renting or buying a home, and many other scenarios.

While it may be difficult for Android users to admit, iOS users have it easier here. Anyone with an iPhone can easily add a signature using the Markup feature built into the document preview window. There is no such option in native Android, but luckily you have some great third-party apps to use instead.

First and foremost, you’ll need a signature-capable app. There are many of these available, with some of the most popular being SignNow, DocuSign, and Adobe Sign. These all do the job, and paid subscriptions provide access to additional enterprise-focused features if you intend to use the service frequently in your line of work.

How to Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to Sign Documents on Android

1. When you open the app and close the sign-up sheet (the cross in the top right corner), you’ll be on the app’s home screen. If your document isn’t listed here, navigate to Items and then select the source. I already had my document downloaded onto my phone for this how-to, but you can integrate various cloud storage platforms alongside your phone’s built-in storage if you prefer.

2. Choose your document, which takes you to the left-hand screen. If the app has “Liquid Mode” reading enabled, it may also look like the screen on the right (which you can toggle with the water-drop icon on the top row). This creates a more immersive reading experience but has no effect on adding a signature. To sign, tap the big blue button with the pen symbol in the bottom right corner, then select ‘Fill and Sign.’

3. Scroll through the document and pinch to zoom in and out as you would in any other app. When you get to the part you want to sign, tap the pen icon in the bottom right corner, then Create Signature or Create Initials as needed. When you select Create Signature, the screen changes to landscape mode, allowing you to draw your signature with your finger. Alternatively, you can use the options above to search for an existing image of your signature or to scan one.

4. Toggle the Save to Device button if you want to keep this signature for future use, and hit clear if you want to try again. Then click Done.

5. Return to the main document screen and tap where you want the signature to appear. To increase or decrease the size of your signature, use the handle with the double-ended arrows. When you’re finished, tap the checkmark in the upper left corner, followed by the back button. Your signature has now been saved as part of the document and can be saved, sent, or shown to whoever requires it.