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How To Spoof Pokemon Go

For anyone wondering How To Spoof Pokemon Go, this guide is for you. You can successfully spoof your position in order to reach the locations that you like the most in Pokemon Go. Then, you can look up and choose the desired place on your map to use a VPN for Pokemon Go. Once you any VPN application the required access, you can simply run the app and change your location manually.

How To Spoof Pokemon Go

Credit @ Pokemon Go

If you own an Android device, there are tons of VPN apps that can be used to fake your Pokemon Go location. There are tons of GPS spoofing apps available in the Google Play store, but simply using the location you have spoofed on Pokemon GO would mean Pokemon GO would detect your location does not match with your IP address.

When you combine GPS spoofing apps with a powerful VPN, such as ExpressVPN, you will be able to alter your Pokemon GO location. For proper, secure spoofing your location in Pokemon Go, you will need either a good GPS spoofing app or the VPN service of your choice.

While all of the best VPN services can make normal websites think that you are somewhere else using regional servers, almost none of them can spoof your GPS location for Pokemon Go. A VPN will change your IP address, but you will also need a GPS-spoofing app, since Pokemon Go will map your GPS data with the IP addresses location.How To Spoof Pokemon Go

The trick is to match your GPS with your IP address, so Niantic, the American software company that makes Pokemon GO, cannot tell you spoofed your location. Spoofing GPS locations keeps your character at that specific GPS spot, so you cannot simply wander over and find other Pokemon.

You first have to change the location in both your Spoofing app and your GPS. When you are working out how to catch Pokemon Go, disregard your real location, but instead use the one provided by Pokemon Go; you will need both the VPN and a spoofing app, due to the way that Pokemon Go determines your location.

If you want to play Pokemon Go outside of your home country, or you want to have the ability to access multiple Pokemon Go locations, then you will have to use a combination of a VPN or proxy for Pokemon Go, as well as location-spoofing apps.

If you want to get the best location-spoofing app for Pokemon, then you could opt for the Virtual Location Software, which is a specialized spoofing desktop application. If you have an Android phone, you will need to enter developer mode as well, or if you have an iPhone, you will have to jailbreak it in order to enable spoofing.



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