How to stop the Covid caller tune

After the outbreak of the deadly Covid-19 virus in India, the Health Ministry had requested the Department of Telecommunications to order all the major telecom companies to add a 30-second Covid-19 prevention caller tune to their networks. According to the Health Ministry, MTNL Reliance Jio, Airtel, Vodafone-Idea, and BSNL were all required to add the caller tune. This resulted in a combined network of 117.2 crore users listening to a caller tune about the pandemic.

When the caller tune starts, the person making the call hears a short sound of someone coughing, which is then followed by instructions related to information on how to avoid the spread of the virus. All telcos have temporarily disabled their normal caller tune so that this important message is conveyed to more people.

However, this initiative has not received a very positive response from telecom users. They are finding this repetition of the same message every time they call someone to be increasingly annoying. Many have been trying to find a solution to this problem so that they do not have to listen to the message every time they want to call someone.


Fortunately for the people who hold such concerns, here are a few steps to avoid the coronavirus tune:

  1. Call the number that you wish to talk to.
  2.  Wait for the coronavirus alert message to start. As soon as the message begins, Press 1.
  3. As soon as you press 1, the message will stop playing and you will be able to hear the normal caller tune.

The message was initiated by the Health Ministry after the number of cases in India increased drastically last week. The message provides valuable information for avoiding the spread of the virus. According to the message,  one must always cover their face with a handkerchief or a tissue while sneezing or coughing.

Callers are also advised to frequently wash their hands properly with soap and water, and to avoid touching their faces. The message advises people to carry hand sanitisers with them at all times. It also says to maintain a safe distance from people who are suffering from fever, cold, or cough, or exhibiting any symptoms that resemble the flu.

However, note that the situation has not yet died down, and the message continues to be important. The number of confirmed cases in India has increased to 73 and the government has suspended the issuance of all visas till April 15. Across the world, more than 120,00 people have been infected, and approximately 4600 people have lost their lives to the deadly virus.