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How to stream lollapalooza on Hulu?


Lollapalooza is one of the world’s biggest music festivals and just like every other year, this year will also mark the performances of some of the OGs in the game like Green Day, J-Hope from BTS, Metallica and more. There are also reports that rapper Machine Gun Kelly will also be a performing in this year’s Lollapalooza festival. This year the festival is going to take place in Grant Park, Chicago and as per reports, more than 170 artists are set to perform on stage. There will be nine different stages set in the Grant Park and it seems like Lallapalooza cannot be missed at all costs.

However, the prices of the entry tickets have risen from the past years due to multiple reasons. One of them is the increasing gas prices and COVID-19 is still a threat in many countries and having a music festival amidst this chaos is another challenge, but Lollapalooza is not pulling out at the last moment. Nevertheless, people might have to think before going and attending the music festival live. A lot of them will be missing it this year, I am sure.

So, what to do if you cannot go and attend the music festival in Grant Park?

Well, you can always watch it online.

Yes, I am sure that many of you must not have known this, but Hulu is the official streaming partner for Lollapalooza this year and you can directly live stream the festival from anywhere in the world using the Hulu app.

This iconic festival will be available for you on the Hulu app to stream and enjoy live. The entire set from all four days of this festivals will be available to watch while you sit at home, safe and sound. Now, you must think that you would have to attend Hulu’s Live TV plan in order to watch this but NO! Since Hulu is the official livestream partner, Lollapalooza will be available on all subscription plans.

Lollapalooza will be available as a live TV channel and there will be 2 channels showing the four stages set in the festival. It will not be an on-demand streaming service but Live for four days. The livestreaming will begin on 28th of July at 3 pm ET. The livestream would divide into two channels to accommodate the sets that are happening at the same time. You just have to choose which one to watch.

Since it will not be available on demand after the live stream is over. I suggest that you plan your days to watch the Lollapalooza festival and sign up for Hulu, if not already done.