Speculated features and specifications for Apple iPhone 13 series
Speculated features and specifications for Apple iPhone 13 series Image Credits: Jitu Mahour

How to take night photos on your iPhone
Use night mode to capture photos in low light environments.

The iPhone has yet again come out with a new feature Night mode. The camera can detect low light environments and make out details in a picture like never before. To explain the technical aspect of the feature Night mode works on iPhones because of an inbuilt large sensor that is able to let in more light when is required, along with machine learning and the Neural Engine in the A13 processor to create Night mode shots. Cut through the jargon, on supported iPhones you can now use Night mode, you don’t have to worry about lighting anymore learn how to use Night mode on your iPhone today.

How to use Night mode

  1. Night mode is automatically activated when the camera is set in a low-light environment.
  2. The circular icon at the top left corner of your screen will turn yellow when the lighting is low
  3. All depending on how dark the environment is the picture might be taken or might be taken after a few seconds
  4. You have the option to adjust the exposure settings to your liking
  5. You can also adjust the capture time by moving the slider on the top left corner of your screen, the timer then counts down the seconds till it is taken
  6. Be sturdy with your phone to get the best results or keep it on a steady surface or tripod to focus and get good clarity for your photos

iOS 14 phones detect movements so the picture might wait it out till to improve focus. If you are looking to stop a photo before the picture is taken just press the stop button below the slider. Time-Lapse can also be used during Night mode with longer intervals as well.

Macrumors suggests,

Apple uses optical image stabilization and software to cut down on blur, but for the absolute best Night mode shots, it’s a good idea to use a tripod. A tripod means there won’t be any shake when capturing the multiple images that are used for a Night mode shot.

Learn more on how to use Night mode here. Remember every lighting has the potential to be the perfect lighting.