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How to take screenshot on laptop?

Here’s everything you need to know about capturing a screenshot on a laptop. 

Screenshots can be lifesavers. For when you need a headstrong proof or at times to save information for future use, a simple screenshot can do it all for you. We’re here to give you a brief on how to take screenshots on laptops.

How to take screenshots on a laptop



The Print Screen Button Method

take screenshots with PDF button

Source- Screenshot.net

There are many ways to take a screenshot on Windows. But the one with most ease is to do it with the use of the Print Screen button. The Print Screen button. You can easily locate the Print Screen button on the upper-right side of most keyboards. It may seem like nothing happened when you press it but when you Ctrl+V the same into a program. A simple button can just copy your entire screen on the clipboard. You can copy the screenshot wherever you want. Attach it in a word document or copy it in an image editing program. One drawback while using the Print Screen button is that it captures the whole screen. Now you can be using multiple windows at a time but when you use the PrtScn button you capture them all at once.

The Snipping Tool Method

How to Use the Snipping Tool in Windows to Take Screenshots

Source- How to Geek

Windows also has a snipping tool present in the start menu. With the Snipping Tool, you can get multiple options to take screenshots of multiple kinds. You can choose to select a part of a screen to take a screenshot of or you can take a screenshot of the whole screen at once. Once you take a screenshot on your laptop screen you can edit it with the  Snipping Tool editor.

Snip and Sketch it

How to use Snip & Sketch to take screenshots

Source- Windows Central

The windows introduced Snip and Sketch tool on May 10, 2019. With the way it works, it is now expected to replace the snipping tool. You can use this tool with a handy shortcut- Shift+Windows Key+S keyboard. With this, a toolbar will be visible on the top of your screen. The toolbar will help you choose what to capture.


Another built-in option for taking a screenshot on a laptop is the Windows Game Bar. Despite the fact that it is expected to record gaming meetings, it very well may be utilized to record any activity and catch screenshots. Open the device with Windows Key+S and tap the camera button in the Broadcast and catch area to spare a screen capture to the Videos/Captures organizer under your main user folder.



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