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How to teleport in Minecraft?


Minecraft is one of the most popular games that I have every come across in my life. Kids and young adults love to play this game and there is no telling, that it has taken the gaming industry by a storm. I’m not sure you know but the Minecraft world has 64 layers and even the most basic version of the game, the world stretches for 30 million blocks on each side. This simply means, getting from one location to another in a short span of time is almost impossible. Thank God that we have cheat codes to use, and we can teleport from one place to another.

We have this feature in both formats of the game, Java and Bedrock versions. You can use command codes to teleport from one spot to another almost instantly. This is how teleportation works in theories as well.

To begin using command codes, you first need to enable cheats on your Mincraft game. Press T on your keyboard and open the chat menu.

If you wish to teleport, then simply type /tp or /teleport followed by the coordinates of the place where you wish to reach. The best way around it is to use XYZ coordinates. From what I have researched, every block and every spot in Minecraft has a specific coordinate to it. To find them, you can click on F3 button on your keyboard.

Thus, to teleport from one spot to another, simply type /tp XYZ where XYZ are the coordinates and /tp is the command code.

For instance, if you are not sure of the coordinates or where you wish to go, you can use the tilde key on your keyboard to type your coordinates. If you say 50 50 50, Minecraft will teleport you 50 blocks in the east, 50 blocks in the air and 50 blocks south from where you were currently.

There is another cool trick in Minecraft that you will absolutely love. For instance, you wish to teleport to a person in Minecraft, you can simply type the name in front of the command code, and you are good to go. For example- /tp JohnDoe is you wish to teleport to JohnDoe.

Please make sure to be sure about the sports you wish to teleport to. If you type incorrect coordinates, you might be teleported under water or in solid ground. If it does, your character will begin to take heavy damage and die. Be careful!