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How to Use Clipboard on Your Android?
Ways to Operate Clipboard on your Android Phone!

Clipboard is a basic tool that incorporates every one of us to access our copied data and paste it accordingly. People often tend to use it in their writing work to avoid the hassle of rewriting everything repeatedly. The best part about using Clipboard is that

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it stores the copied data in the clipboard buffer until it gets pasted somewhere.

Yes, we know how rewriting those presentations for work or assignments for College/School is frustrating. Copying is the ultimate coping method in our life. Thus, we don’t want you to let go of these smart ideas and hacks which you can use on your Androids.

Ways to Use Clipboard On Android-

  1. Access Keyboards which have built Clipboard feature in them – Most Android Phones have already provided their customers with keyboards who have the feature of Keyboard. But there are many companies that have given default access to keyboards that do not incorporate the Clipboard feature. Thus, one of the easiest ways to use Clipboard is to change your Keyboard. You can do this by going into the settings option which is visible on your keyboard. Other than this you can also go through your Phone’s settings and change or enable Keyboard with Clipboard feature from there. One such keyboard you can use for this purpose can be Google’s Gboard.
  2. Download  Keyboards with Clipboard– There might be a possibility that your Phone has not provided any other Keyboard option. In this situation, you can easily Download Keyboards with Clipboard Feature from Playstore and use them as default Keyboards in every app.
  3. Download Clipboard Managing apps– Other than changing your Phone’s default Keyboard you can download Clipboard managing apps from Playstore and use the Clipboard feature there. Through this app, you can easily access whatever information, texts you have copied in the past and you can make use of it again after some time.

Make More Efficient Use of Clipboard in Android

Clipboard in Android is a very vast option and comes with too many features. There is thus no need to get worked up about doing that assignment again. For a time period of an hour, you can find your information copied in the clipboard, you just have


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to long-press and the option will come to rewrite your previous copied text.

There are times when we don’t want to use texts at the moment. But because we forget to copy and paste them somewhere we don’t have access to that data/idea anymore. In such situations use your Clipboard to save texts without copying or pasting them anywhere. Click on the Pencil/+ icon on the top left of your keyboard to write your thoughts and save them for the future.

Another amazing feature is to pin these copied texts in clipboard.-Press it for a few seconds and select the option to Pin. One can delete all these saved texts too very easily. Just hold on to it and select the option of trash.




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