Credits: Tom's Guide

How to use Discord on Xbox?

Tom’s Guide

Discord has become one of the most useful and popular applications in recent times and that is because of its connectivity functions. Especially amongst gamers and the entire gaming community, Discord is a game changer as it allows them to communicate better via chats, voice notes, calls etc.

Not just gamers, there are a lot of other communities that use discord to connect with people, make friends online and do stuff together. It is an incredibly useful app that people are loving these days. Anyhow, let’s talk about the gaming community a little bit.

I own an Xbox One and I use Discord as well. I have recently realized that I can link the two and begin my experience of using Discord on the Xbox console. Discord is a robust communication tool and here is how you can also use Discord on Xbox.

How to use Discord on Xbox?

Follow the below mentioned steps to know how you can link your Discord account to Xbox.

  1. Create your Discord account if you don’t already have.

You can do this step from your smartphone, tablet, desktop or anywhere.

Next, we need to link the two domains.

  1. Go to Gamertag on the top left corner on Xbox > Click on Settings > Account > Linked Social Accounts.

Enter your Xbox passcode when prompted.

  1. Click on Discord tile and hit ‘Link’.
  2. Go to Discord app > Settings > Connections > Add > Click on the Xbox tile
  3. Once you click on the Xbox tile, you will be prompted to enter Xbox Account Authorization passkey on your monitor. Type the code on the Discord app and done!

Congratulations! You have successfully linked your Discord app to your Xbox.

However, let me beware you of some facts here.

Discord is a wonderful application that everyone loves to use but Xbox has limited its functionalities on Discord and players can only chat with their friends and do things like coordinate their time of play on the console itself.

There is no option to send instant voice messages or calling or anything. The integration is there of course but the functionality is very much limited. It is only the tip of the iceberg on what Discord app is capable of doing.

Communication is one big reason that people love to use Discord. Without this vital functionality, Discord is basically useless on Xbox in my opinion. What do you think?