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How to use Quick Note and Notes in macOS 12 Monterey

With each new software release, Apple is continuing to blur the lines between Mac and iPhone/iPad every year. Thus, new Apple models, such as macOS 12 Monterey, iPad 15, and iOS 15, are furthering this trend with new features that bring mobile and desktop even closer to each other.

Two examples of such changes are the updated Notes app and the completed new Quick Note feature.

Source: https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/36811/quick-note

In this most recent round of software updates, Apple is adding collaboration features so you can share information with friends or colleagues who also happen to use the Notes app.

Meanwhile, the all-new feature called Quick Note makes it easier to take notes while you are using another app, such as Safari or Spotify, without ever having to open the Notes app. A Quick Note is more than just a way to add text. Instead, you can also include a Maps address, hyperlinks, and much more. Also, any changes made on one device automatically sync across your other Apple devices.

These new features in the Notes app aim to help you collaborate, create notes, and stay more organised, regardless of which device you are using. When collaborating, you will see everyone’s edits and activities in a new feature called the Activity View. With tags, you can quickly and easily find information by utilising the new Tag Browser and also in tag-based Smart Folders.

Notes can be shared via AirDrop, Messages, Mail, or even a link. Whoever sends an invitation first also gets to decide whether anyone can add new people for further collaborations.

Quick Note is an extension of Notes that lets you capture an item or thought while in another app. When doing so, you can either add to an existing Quick Note or create a new one. A Quick Note gets added by using a keyboard shortcut, Control Center, or through the hot corner.

In the supported applications, you can add links to a Quick Note. When you do this, a thumbnail will appear whenever you go back to ensure an easy follow-up. Quick Notes are resizable and available from anywhere on macOS in both full screen or Split View.



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