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How to Use the Radio in Raft
A guide on Using the Radio in Raft

Raft is a survival game set on a floating raft in the middle of the ocean. Players must gather resources, build structures, and fend off dangerous sea creatures to survive. Music plays a vital role in the game, adding to the atmospheric environment and creating a sense of isolation. However, players can add more music to the game by obtaining a radio.

Credits – Twitter

The radio can be bought from a vending machine on Tangaroa Island or discovered on the remote Shipwreck Island. Unlike other electronics in the game, the radio doesn’t need batteries and can be used unlimited times. Players can only place the radio on their raft and start listening to it as soon as it becomes an active item.

The radio offers a different soundtrack than the game’s standard background music, with more upbeat and lively tracks. Now and then, a voice will interrupt the music to recite words in the NATO alphabet. These words lead players to two hidden messages, adding another layer of mystery to the game. The radio can be turned off at any time by using the interaction button.

Another feature of the radio is the cassette deck, which allows players to play cassette tapes found in the game. Six cassette tapes can be found in safes or purchased with trade coins. These tapes add another source of music to the game, allowing players to enjoy different music styles and add to the overall experience.

Obtaining a radio in Raft can significantly enhance the musical experience. Players can listen to music while exploring, creating a more lively atmosphere. The radio’s features, such as the random soundtrack and cassette deck, add variety to the game and can lead players to hidden messages. The radio operates differently than other electronics in the game, requiring no batteries and having unlimited usage, making it a valuable tool for survival.

In conclusion, the radio is a valuable item for players of Raft looking to add more music to the game. It offers a different soundtrack than the game’s standard background music, and its cassette deck allows players to enjoy different styles of music. So next time you find yourself on the open ocean, be sure to bring a radio to keep the tunes coming! Obtaining a radio can significantly enhance the musical, making it a valuable tool for survival.