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How to use Twitter’s Advanced Search
Search through anyone's tweets and find out what they have tweeted

Twitter has an average global audience of 192 million. Twitters’ advanced search helps users find specific tweets by just filtering through the specific words, dates and by whom it was written by. The previous search function was not a great tool to find tweets amid all the chaos that goes on in Twitter. The developers of this feature also speaks of the necessity of this tool when it comes to debunking misinformation and censoring hate speech. Users are asked to specify date range, location, name handle and more for faster results on the app.

How to Filter through to find a specific tweet

  1. Go to the Twitter app
  2. Use the search bar at the upper right corner of the screen
  3. at the top of the page you will find an icon of three dots  next to advanced search
  4. You will be displayed a series of question to fill in, according to which the tweets will be filtered.
  5. Under Accounts, fill in the user whose tweet you would like to find
  6. You have an option to specify ‘Words’ such as key phrases of the tweet which makes it standout and easier to filter through.
  7. You have the option to filter through the ‘Engagements’ and ‘Dates’ which helps make it more precise.
  8. Click Search when you are done filling out whatever you remember.

The search engine journal writes-

Use this field to search for a group of related words. For example, if you’re looking for USC football mentions, you could type [#USC football], [USC football], [@USC football], and [USCfootball.com]. The search field would add the word “or” between each word or phrase you typed to trigger the most specific results.

You also have an option of excluding words that would mislead lead your search otherwise. Sometimes some keywords and phrases maybe related to other topics and are not really relevant to your search, filtering them through would make your search a lot more efficient and effective.

Everyone seems to be jumping abroad this idea, a feature which seems to provide fact checkers and everyday users respite when it comes to finding misleading information or favorite tweets. Learn more on how the feature here.



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