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How to activate your Way2Go Card
Step by Step Guide on how to activate your Way2Go card.

The Way2Go card first released on July 9, 2016 as a way for unemployment insurance to be deposited directly. They are convenient, secure and a more systematic way of receiving unemployment benefits. Way2Go cards are accepted anywhere a MasterCard is used. They can be used like any other debit or credit card including cash withdrawal in ATM’s, bill payments, online transactions and more. Each card is embedded with an EMV chip which help users conduct secure transactions. Learn more on how to activate your Way2Go card here.

Steps on how to Activate my Way2Go Card

  1.  Your Way2Go card will be addressed to the recipient, each responsible party will receive a pre-loaded Way2Go card. The card will include the total amount which was approved.
  2. If you haven’t received your card within the time allotted you can contact Conduent customer service line: 800-961-8423.
  3.  Activate your card either through the Way2Go app or www.goprogram.com or contact Conduent Customer Service.
  4. You will be asked to establish your pin.
  5. You will have to activate your card within 90 days of receiving it and if you fail to do so you may not be able to apply for funding in the future.

A Way2Go card will be mailed to you after 7-10 business days from your first claim for unemployment benefits. Beneficiaries can also receive unemployment benefits via enrolling for debit cards or through direct deposit payments online.

How to receive Direct Deposit Payments

  1. Go to jobs4TN.gov
  2. Click on ‘Unemployment Services’
  3. Update your banking information.

IFSP recommends using ATM’s to withdraw cash from your Card and deposit it in whichever bank account you use. IFSP staff will not be able to check what you are spending the allowance for neither will they ask for receipts. They may ask for a follow up once you receive the card which is a part of the standard procedure. Recipients must know that the allowance can not be used for purchases made before the card was issued.

Issues surrounding the working of the Way2Go has been raised in 2020 since a record number of people have issued for unemployment benefits.

Comerica, which issues Direct Express cards for Social Security and veterans benefits as well as Way2Go unemployment payment cards, declined to comment for this story. I wonder why? 😒

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