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How to use Whatsapp Payment Service?

The use of UPI payment apps like GPay and BHIM has increased significantly over the years and even more during the pandemic. But, the idea of having one app for both communication and transactions is much smoother. This is where the Whatsapp Payment service comes in. It lets you connect your bank account to your WhatsApp account and make direct UPI payments to people using the feature.

Steps to use Whatsapp Payment Service

Whatsapp payment service

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The best part of the UPI feature on Whatsapp is that it is integrated seamlessly. And like Google Pay and other similar apps, it’s easy to add one’s bank account in it. Okay! So here are the steps of using the feature:

  1. First of all, open the app and go to settings on iOS or tap on the three dots for Android.
  2. Now you will see a payments option. Open the option and select the “add payment method” to add your bank account.
  3. Select your bank name and verify your phone number with the OTP.
  4. Now, set up your UPI pin or enter the old pin if you already have registered on other apps.

Boom! Now you are all set to use the WhatsApp payment service. Do note that you can only send money to those in your contacts who have also registered their bank like you. So, if any of your friends haven’t registered yet, you can share our article with them, so they don’t miss out on the feature.

Why was the payment feature delayed?

There were a lot of questions on why the payment feature on WhatsApp is getting delayed. And now that it has arrived is it safe to use? Well, to answer your question, yes it is safe to use. Earlier when the feature was first announced there were some RBI guidelines that WhatsApp did not meet and hence the delay. The NPCI also told Whatsapp to store the data of India users locally in India, the criteria that the company could not meet at the time.

WhatsApp to Launch Digital Payment Service in India!

And even now that the feature is available for use only 5% of the total users will be able to use it for the time. NPCI says that WhatsApp should roll out the feature slowly for all users. Okay! talking about a personal experience, the feature is available on my Whatsapp since November 2019, and I have used it extensively. But, since not, all my friends had the option so it wasn’t as seamless, but I think it is going to change now.

Do you think the new Whatsapp Payment Service feature will be game-changing? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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