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How to use your phone as a projector

A projector is a device that mimics pictures created by a computer or Blu-ray player by projecting them onto a screen, wall, or other surface. Most of the time, the projected surface is big, flat, and softly coloured. You could, for example, use a projector to project a presentation onto a huge screen for everyone in the room to watch. Still (slides) or moving pictures can be shown using projectors (videos). A projector is typically the size of a toaster and only weighs a few pounds.

A man named David Hansen invented the first carousel slide projector on May 11, 1965. Gene Dolgoff invented the digital projector we know today in 1984, but he came up with the concept in 1968.

Most projectors today use an HDMI or VGA connection to connect to a computer as their input source.

Using basic household materials, you can now transform your smartphone into a home cinema projector.

Most individuals have wished to share a photo, a movie, a website, or a business presentation directly from their smartphone at least once. There are expensive attachments that turn a smartphone into a projector, allowing anybody to literally share whatever they want by projecting it onto a wall, but no one should have to pay for such a tool when they can make their own for free.

One box (ideally black to reduce light diffusion), one magnifying glass, one paper clip, one Stanley knife, Duct tape, and, of course, a smartphone are the only equipment necessary for this conversion.

The steps are as follows: cut a hole in the box, stick the magnifying glass on it, build a paperclip stand for your smartphone, lo and behold! That is, nearly. Because light passes through a lens upside down, you’ll need to rotate your smartphone’s screen.

To rotate a screen on an iPhone, go to Settings > Accessibility > Rotate Screen. Screen Rotation Control or Ultimate Rotation Control are two apps that Android users may download. After that, turn up the brightness on your smartphone’s screen, place it in the box, fiddle with your smartphone projector until you find a nice focus point, close the box, lower the lights, and grab some popcorn.



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