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How to view Instagram stories anonymously

Everybody has “stalked” another Instagram profile at some point in their online activity.

If the person you’re digitally stalking has their accounts set to public and hasn’t blocked you, creeping is simple.

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We’ve compiled three alternative methods for snooping on someone’s Instagram Stories without being discovered. Take a look at them below.

Please keep in mind that most of these methods will only work if the account you’re attempting to access is public and hasn’t blocked your Instagram account.

How to view Instagram stories anonymously on a desktop

This is by far the most convenient way to view someone’s Instagram Stories without them knowing. Just go to storiesig.com and type in the account’s handle in the search field.

If you typed the account’s handle properly, it should show underneath the search field (along with the account’s profile photo), along with the number of Stories presently visible on their Instagram page and the last time they submitted a photo or video.

Scroll down by clicking on the profile photo. You’ll be able to see all of their Instagram Stories anonymously, and you’ll be able to download them by clicking the “Download” option beneath each Story.

To see their Stories, you don’t need to download a third-party app or even have an Instagram account. You’ll be able to see and download their Stories even if the account you’re attempting to stalk has blocked you.

How to view Instagram stories on an iPhone anonymously

There’s a method to see someone’s Instagram Stories secretly from the convenience of your iPhone if you don’t want to use your desktop or laptop.

Simply go to the App Store and download Story Reposter, then connect in with your Instagram credentials. Type the account you wish to see anonymously into the search field. Don’t worry if you unintentionally misspelt the account name (or aren’t sure what the account’s actual handle is).

The app will display a list of accounts that match the term you entered, so even if you misspelt anything, you’re likely to discover the account.

By pressing on the username of the account you want to stalk, you may choose it from the list. You’ll then see a file with the number of stories they’ve uploaded in the last twenty-four hours, as well as the date of their most recent story.

Tap it to browse individual Stories anonymously, so the account doesn’t know you’re looking at their content.

How to view Instagram stories anonymously on an Android phone

You’ll need to go to the Google Play Store and get Story Saver for Instagram. Open the app and log in using your Instagram username and password. You’ll see a search icon in the top right corner once you’ve logged in. Simply tap it and enter in the handle of the Instagram account you want to follow.

Tap their profile picture to see their Instagram Stories in a feed style anonymously after their profile appears below the search box.

Simply touch on an icon square if you want to view or watch a certain Story. You will then be given the option to “Repost,” “Save,” or “Share” that specific Story.





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