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How to watch Mega Million drawing live?

Mega Millions

The concept of lottery in itself is very old but the fun and thrill of winning it all in one night is different, I guess. I have never won a lottery before but if I do, it will only be luck that supports. Luck plays a big factor in winning lotteries, but it is basically our decision to buy the $2 lottery ticket in the first place.

One of the biggest lotteries in the United States is the Mega Millions Lottery for which you can buy the lottery tickets from any gas station, convenience stores etc. These tickets are basically available everywhere. You just need to set your mind to try your luck!

However, if you had participated in the Mega Millions lottery or you may have, for that matter, how would you watch the lottery drawing Live? Can you even watch the drawings live? Well, the answer is definitely ‘yes’, you can watch the Mega Millions lottery online. The drawings take place at every Tuesday and Friday night at around 11 pm Eastern time.

How to watch Mega Millions drawing live?

There are multiple sources through which you can watch the lottery drawing live. Let me help you find the easiest way.

One of your very first options can be to live stream the Mega Million lottery drawing online via WGN-TV. This is where the nation’s newscasts are streamed live, as per Heavy. This is one of the most frequently recommended options for people who would want to watch the drawings live.

Other than this, you can watch the drawings online on Mississippi’s official lottery website. You can find the links online. Another one of the options can be The Texas Lottery that webcasts the entire drawings session on the internet.

As mentioned in a report by, you can also live stream the Mega Millions lottery drawings at FuboTV.

If you wish to watch the livestream on mobile, you can download the app, LotteryHUB app from the app story on iPhones and My Lottos app on Android Play Stores. However, please note that these apps will not show you the live stream of the drawings, but they will definitely show the results of the drawings very soon after the result is out.

This is how you can purchase Mega Millions lottery tickets and watch the livestream online. Let us know if you have ever won anything or you would be interested in buying the lottery tickets. What would you do if you became a millionaire overnight? Please do let us know in the comments below.